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 FilterMAX IV New!

Flash!!     The FilterMax III is now replaced by the FilterMax IV:

More info will be added soon!


Band Pass Filter System with removable W3NQN Filters



FilterMax III with BandMaster III on 160m

FilterMax III with BandMaster III on 40m


bullet200W Power Rating


bulletW3NQN design 3 resonator Filters


bullet2nd harmonic rejection typically 70+ dB


bulletSWR less than 1.2:1 across band


bulletVery low insertion loss


bulletHand tuned for maximum performance


bullet4 control methods


These filters are the famous W3NQN filters designed for low insertion loss and low SWR across an entire band with emphasis placed on maximum rejection of second harmonic energy.

160M, 80M, 40M, 20M 15M and 10M. Filters for other bands can be replaced.  A unique feature which allows quick repair of a blown filter and use of WARC bands filters too!

The filters can be selected via front panel knobs, remotely by applying +12 for each individual band to the rear panel control connector, or by our new 4 wire control interface which is the same control interface as the Bandmaster III and EightPak.

All transmit filters are rated for 200 Watts.

Front panel features a bypass mode as well.

 Manual Download

 Buy it here >Hamation FilterMax III



Measured Band to Band Rejection

  1.8 MHz 3.5 MHz 7 MHz 14 MHz 21 MHz 28 MHz
1.8 MHz X 50db >60db >60db >60db >60db
3.5 MHz 55db X 52db >60db >60db >60db
7 MHz >60db 55db X 45db >60db >60db
14 MHz >60db >60db >60db X 40db 50db
21 MHz >60db >60db 56db 42db X 28db
28 MHz >60db 55db >60db >60db 45db X

Typical Filter Response


Interconnection diagram