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AIM 4300 - Antenna / Lab RF Analyzer


 Same Pricing but Same High Quality as the AIM 4170D and All our AIM and VNA products


Run the AIM Analyzers on your Tablet !  Picture below is AIM running on a Dell Venue 8 Pro running Windows 8.1

For more information see AIM ON TABLET


Much of the same technology that is in our award winning PowerAim - See NAB Awards by clicking here

The AIM 4300 antenna analyzer is the latest upgrade from the very popular AIM 4170D. It adds higher frequency range and faster graphing capability.  It includes all the same features as the AIM 4170D! 

It  measures the complex impedance (magnitude and phase) at each frequency of interest in the range of 0.1 to300 MHz. A PC is used to calculate all RF parameters, including R +/-X, Magnitude and Phase, SWR, Return Loss, TL loss, and more and plot the results in an easy to read graph and interactive Smith Chart.

The test frequency is generated digitally and bandpass filters are used to reject stray signals (like broadcast stations) that are more than a few KHz from the operating frequency. A 12 bit analog to digital converter digitizes the raw data. This avoids non-linearities associated with diode detectors, and results in very good dynamic range and linearity for accurate magnitude and phase measurements.

Impedance measurements can range up to 10K ohms. The true phase angle is measured, so inductive or capacitive reactance can be determined without ambiguity.

The RF generator can also be used as a signal source for testing receivers. The frequency is very stable and it can be calibrated to WWV.

The digitized data is sent to the PC via the USB port. Power for the analyzer can be obtained from a small DC power supply or a battery. With a laptop computer, the unit is quite portable and it can even be mounted up on a tower at the antenna feed point if desired, with power being supplied through the RS232 cable.

The impedance at the antenna itself can be read with the AIM4300 located in the shack at the receiving/transmitting end of the coax. The cable can be any length. The cable's impedance and loss characteristics are determined by a simple calibration procedure and the antenna's impedance is plotted directly during the scan.


High quality inside and out


There are no internal adjustments for calibration.


Calibrates easily yourself to NIST standards


The 4170D covers 5 kHz to 300 MHz.

Some of the RF parameters that are calculated include the following:

bulletSWR referenced to any impedance
bulletResistance and reactance at the cable input
bulletResistance and reactance at the antenna terminals
bulletResistance and reactance of discrete components
bulletReturn loss
bulletReflection coefficient
bulletCable length
bulletCable impedance
bulletCable loss
bulletDistance to fault (open or short)
bulletSmith chart display
bulletQuartz crystal parameters
bulletTDR to 1000 Meters
bullet Can be used Wirelessly - View Application note


How good is the TDR?

Hi guys,

I had an open circuit appear in a run of LMR coax burried underground of over 200 feet. Using
the AIM I was able to dig down and locate it, within a foot of what the AIM calculated.
It looks like a gopher went thru the conduit and thru part of the coax!

Regards, Paul - K1TKL



The scan data can be saved to disk or printed to compare before and after results.

The program has been tested with Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 & 8.1.

It does not require an installation procedure.

We DO NOT ship a software CDROM with the analyzer.

Macintosh User's are also able to run the AIM  - Mac OS 10.x 


bullet PowerPoint Slide Show of the AIM and PowerAim - clubs: please feel free to use this presentation at your meetings
bulletMore complete PPT program http://homepage.ntlworld.com/wadei/aim4170.htm  
bulletSome screen shots of the data display.  You will leave our website and go to www.w5big.com

Larry Benko, W0QE - Compares AIM 4170 with HP8753 - A MUST READ!

bulletARRL Lab Tests of Antenna Analyzers compared to the AIM 4170
bulletSteve Tunwall, Tunewall Radio sends us this AIM to  4193A vector impedance meter comparison(pdf) this displays how accurate the AIM, PA-120, and VNA-2180 are at high impedances. 

Steve says "The HP VIM only displays two values, phase and Z, so I only used these values from the .scn file for the chart....the AIM seems to essentially agree with it in this case"


bulletThis article in Nov, '06 QST describes an earlier version of the AIM which covered the HF band up to 32 MHz.   The principles of operation are the same as the AIM4170. It is presented here with permission of the ARRL.


bullet Review  in Nov/Dec, '06 NCJ (National Contest Journal) of the AIM 4160



A comparison of several network and impedance analyzers, including the AIM4170, by Rudy Severns N6LF.



"Custom calibration" features allows accurate measurements of 160m antennas in the presence of strong AM Broadcast download this Application note (700KB)



This application note shows how the AIM can be used to measure the Q of coils and tuned circuits and to evaluate transformers. Q-Measurement



Wireless Remote Application note - This is cool - use the AIM from your wireless laptop.  by Ian Wade (G3NRW)

.............So, thanks Bob. 

Problem solved twice today.  Thanks for great support!

 I should be shipping our orders but instead I am playing with the addictive
 AIM.  I am in my office where no one knows what I am really doing.  This is
 more fun than a video game!

73, Jim W6LuckyGuy
Owner of High Sierra Antennas

See more testimonials.....

bullet Testimonials and eHam reviews - Some from a professional broadcast engineers

New Features: AIM 4170D
bulletLow frequency measurements down to 5KHz.
bulletFaster scan rate, typically 25% to 50% faster.
(depending on the amount of averaging and computer speed)
bulletAveraging of scans up to 256X.
bulletUHF RF connector
bulletSync output for accessories

The AIM4170D package includes:

bulletAIM4300 antenna analyzer
bullet120 VAC wall power supply
bulletCalibration hardware:
open, short, & standard resistor
bulletUSB Cable (No USB to RS232 adapter needed)
bulletPrinted quick start guide
bulletFree software updates
 (Download the latest version from W5BIG's website now [opens a new window])

We DO NOT ship a software CDROM with the analyzer.

Optional equipment

bulletProtective Case


bulletBuy an AIM4300 from our price list



W5BIG.com website for detailed AIM information

Program Downloads  -http://w5big.com/prog_update.htm

The operator's manual can be downloaded here: AIM 4170/4300 Manual.

Download Quick Start Guide Gets you started FAST! (updated 9/27/2011)

AIM, PA-120 USB to RS-232 Adapter Comm. port set up (pdf file)



bulletBuy an AIM 4300 from our price list

Note -  CIRCUITS AND PROCEDURES used by this antenna analysis system are covered by US Patent

No. 7,629,795