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Exclusively for North America, OM Power Amplifiers and Accessories from Array Solutions

Approved by the FCC as of December 3, 2012


Array Solutions and OM Power are proud sponsors of the FT5ZM Amsterdam Island 2014 Expedition - Here's our shipment of OM2000 amplifiers ready to go!



OM Power was founded in 2004 as an initiative of two enthusiastic Slovak ham operators. Since that time, OM Power has grown to become a successful and well established company in the production of amateur radio power amplifiers. Their amplifiers can be found on all continents and almost in every country of the world and beginning now, throughout North America and USA through Array Solutions.

The OM Power Team:
OM3BH Rasto , OM3RM Tibi , OM3LZ Miro , OM3GI Jozef

Array Solutions has worked closely with OM Power to produce versions of their amplifiers suitable for the North American market including FCC Certification. All of their products have CE approval in Europe, and the first amplifier that will be offered is the model OM2500A.

The new OM2500A USA Version has a single AC Power cord connection, connections for your computer, radio, and other accessories. Note: FCC approval has been granted for this amplifier as of December 3, 2012. The amplifier will provide full legal limit output (all modes) with no time limit, from 160 through 10m amateur bands.


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Slideshow of various images of the OM2500A Amplifier

Including the 2500A Remote Controller

Specifications of OM2500A (USA Model):

Frequency coverage:  All amateur bands 1.8 29.7 MHz including WARC
Power output:  1500 W PEP All modes - no time limit
Drive Power:  ~60 W drive for 1500w Output Power
Input impedance:  50 Ohm VSWR < 1.5 : 1
Output amplification:  15 dB (USA FCC Certified Model)
Output impedance:  50 Ohm unbalanced
Maximum output SWR:  2:1
SWR protection:  automatic switching to STBY , when reflected power is 350W or higher
Intermodulation distortion:  32 dB below nominal output
Suppression of harmonics:  < -50 dBc
Tube:  GU84b Ceramic tetrode
Cooler:  Centrifugal blower + axial blower
Power supply:   240 V -one phase
Transformers:  2 toroidal transformer @ 2.0 kVA


Note: The OM2500HF Manual amplifier is identical to the 2500A, with the exception of being manually tuned.
Please visit the OM Power Website to see the many different products they currently manufacture. Array solutions will not be able to offer all of them into the USA and North American market, but we are confident that these new exciting products will be popular in the USA and therefore we will bring as many of them to market as possible. Additional specifications, brochures and downloadable user manuals will be posted here soon.
OM Power makes many other models of amplifiers and Array Solutions will be working with OM Power to make many of them available to the North American market. One of the early amplifiers to be introduced after the 2500, is the first of a series of solid state VHF and UHF amplifiers, the OM 1002. This is a 1kW solid state amplifier for 2 meters, producing 1kW output. As we have more information on other models, it will be posted here.

We are now accepting orders for the 2500A or the 2500HF amplifiers. We anticipate delivery in January. These amplifiers are very heavy (approximately 100 lbs) and require two people to remove from the shipping pallet and carton to safely position on your desktop or other desired location.


The price on our pricelist includes all international shipping from OM Power, customs costs and delivery by UPS Freight within the USA. Delivery elsewhere is possible, but contact Array Solutions for additional shipping costs estimates.  

Order one now from our pricelist