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 Outstanding HF Power Products

Acom 2000A - the finest legal limit auto band switch tube final amp on the market

(2x 4CX800 [GU74B] final) with new RCU

This purchase price includes the new RCU !

Download the new owner's manual here

Acom 2000P - Commercial version of this amplifier 3 to 30 MHz call us for details

Optional RCU controller for the 2000A  

This will work with every 2000A ever built to have the latest and greatest!

*** ALL NEW 2000A amplifiers include this new RCU - you *DO NOT* need to purchase this RCU in addition to the 2000A amplifier as listed above - this is only for upgrading the RCU of older 2000A units ***

And a new You Tube Video showing the new RCU, the 2000A, and the Array Solutions Power Master: Video

Note: The video has a music background, so turn down your volume!

Note:  For YAESU NEW includes FT-450, FT-950, FTDX1200, FT-2000, FT-3000, FT-5000 and FT-9000 or newer and runs at 19200.  We have found that RTS must be disabled in order to track these "new" Yaesu radios.

Acom 1500 - 1500w PEP 160 through 6m manual band change and tuning. 3 Antenna Outputs, 1x 4CX1000 final.

Acom 1000  1,000W output 160 thru 6m manual band change and tune

See how easy this amplifier is to tune: SM0HRP You Tube Video

ACOM 1000P - Commercial version of this amplifier 3 to 30 MHz

Acom 1010  800w output 160 thru 10m (single 4CX800 final)
NEW! Acom 600S  600W solid state 160m to 6m Automatic Amplifier  


214 954 7140


  600S Brochure
  User Manual


 WARRANTY Service Provided directly by Array Solutions on all amplifiers we sell

We also service out of warranty ACOM amplfiers

Please call or click here to place your order


What kind of plug is provided?

What about software for the Acom 2000A?

See the Acom Amplifier FAQ Pages


Straight Talk About Warranty on ACOM Amplifiers - Please read carefully

It seems our competitor is proud that they are offering a 120 day warranty. They pay the price for returning the amplifier to their “ACOM repair center”, and that the amplifier will be returned to the customer repaired and shipped at no charge.

On the surface it looks good, but it is cleverly worded to mislead since they do not have in house service.

Array Solutions is and has been the dealer for ACOM for many years. We took over from “ACOM International”, and they were just another dealer, they were not ACOM Bulgaria, and not associated with ACOM Bulgaria in any way.  ACOM international was deep in trouble with the repairs, some hams were waiting for 6 months or more to get their amplifiers repaired, and even then we got the same amps sent to us for re-repairs. 

The way our competitor is phrasing this service of theirs is very misleading and we think that is very poor judgment on their part. But you would never know, here are the facts:

It is a third party service not HRO, and not the real ACOM Bulgaria associated business, its just a technician of the old ACOM International company that is doing these repair jobs .  Remember ACOM International is not ACOM Bulgaria.

In other words are you going to trust this odd third party scheme, or the real ACOM certified service we have at Array Solutions?  We have three well seasoned guys repairing amplifiers.  Two are degreed EE’s (one is a MSEE), and a third technician who has been fixing amplifiers for 35+ years. We have years more experience in fixing these amps and access to a full stock of ACOM parts.

We even fix Alpha, and Ameritron amplifiers.  Our record is clearly superior and we have many testimonials to our service success.  Check the ACOM reflector.

Please consider this when you purchase an ACOM amplifier.  We do the 120 day “warranty” and a lot more.  Our amplifiers do not fail within 120 days because you can take advantage of our pre-ship service where we take the amplifier out of the box, set it up for the AC mains voltage you want, and we put a plug on it and test it fully.  Then we re-pack it with additional stout packaging material to make sure it arrives to you safely and in 100% working condition.  No rolling of the dice.  No lose screws rolling around, and no drama.

We even have full replacement value insurance on the amplifier you purchase from us.  If the shipper damages the amplifier it is not returned to us for a repair and then resent back to you.  We send you a new amplifier and the shipper buys the damaged amp. 

Testing a ACOM 1500 on 6 meters in our test lab





Other Frequently Asked Questions:

*** TUBES ***

Fact: The rumor of tubes not being available for these amplifiers is false.

We have them in stock. We have a good and continuing supply of "new old stock" (NOS) matched pairs, at very reasonable prices.  Currently a matched set of GU74B (4cx800) is $600 for the pair.

Array Solutions understands the GU74B (4CX800) situation as follows:

  1. Svetlana still makes these tubes - but not on a regular basis.
  2. New tubes are very expensive - > $1k per tube.
  3. The date code on these tubes makes no difference.
  4. If it is "new old stock" it's still new.
  5. If you think about it, any tube becomes "new old stock".
  6. Every tube supplied in an Acom amplifier is fully tested.
  7. Every tube sold in an amplifier has a full new tube warranty - regardless of date code.
  8. To get a decent per-tube price, Acom purchased a warehouse full of these tubes.
  9. The Russian military still uses these tubes in their communication equipment.


Acom Responds to the rumors of tubes being difficult to find, or not being made any longer: (click to download a full-size PDF of this letter).
And here is the letter from Svetlana to Acom confirming this (in Russian):
Click the Svetlana document to see it full-size.

Are these amplifiers noisy?  These are probably the quietest amplifiers made.  The 1000, 1500, and 2000A cannot be heard even when 1 meter away.  And QSK is whisper quiet and accurate with a dedicated QSK process on board. 

The need for an external fan for full output with normal RTTY, SSB, CW, or other digital modes is not necessary.  We have the fans in stock, but it is thermally controlled and probably will not come on even in a RTTY contest.  The internal blower is quite adequate to keep these tubes cool, and each tube is monitored for its operating temperature. Acom does not recommend the external fan for normal operation.

FCC and 12/10 meters. The FCC did away with the 10m modification for RF amplifiers years ago, each one of our amps is factory set up to operate on 12/10m.

Fully Automatic at full power output every band switch every time. The ACOM 2000A is always ready to deliver full power with one of the fastest tuning and memory algorithms on the market. 

Front Panel Control.  The ACOM 1000 has a unique front panel LCD display for control and tuning, the ACOM 2000A is the only amplifier that has a remote control panel, which can sit right beside your keyboard for full visual observation of many of the amplifiers' operating parameters: the forward power, reverse power, VSWR, and alarms.   An incredible amount of information is at your fingertips.  The protection circuit alarms are also located on this handy remote control.  Put the amp out of the way, there is no reason why you need to touch it.  The Remote control also turns the amp on and off, as well as puts it into Standby.

Configuration of Mains AC Power taps. We pre-set up your AC Mains taps. Once set to 240V AC you don't ever need to change them unless you want to take it on a DX-pedition and then you will remove the transformer for transportation. The taps are set with removable solid plates that screw into place. No soldering at all.   The mains voltage is constantly monitored by the amplifier as well as HV, Screen voltage, and filament voltage.  If any voltage falls out of the operating parameters, the amp will warn you and shut itself down if necessary.

QC (Bird type) RF Input and Output Connectors. Nope, Acom doesn't have them. Instead they use heavy duty SO239 connectors which are soldered to the RF connections. 

Factory US Service and Support is done by Array Solutions right here in our RF Lab. We are certified by the ACOM factory to perform all repairs to the component level.  The reliability of the ACOM amplifiers are well known and especially the ACOM 2000A which has been proven since it was introduced in 1998. 

High Historical Trade In Value.  Any check of the well known classified ad websites will prove that the ACOM 2000A and 1000 amplifiers have a historically high value.  Indeed a recent sale of a 12 year old ACOM 2000A went  for USD $5,000. 

What is the Warranty Policy?   

Solid product backed by a solid warranty.

Standard Two-Year Return-to-Factory (RTF) Warranty

ACOM stands behind all its products with a two-year warranty. If your ACOM product fails at any time during the coverage period, ACOM will repair or replace the unit. Your only responsibility is prepaid shipping back to Array Solutions' service center. Warranty coverage for tubes is one year.

Where can I get a copy of the full specifications and a copy of the operators manual?

You can review the manuals and specifications here on the Official ACOM website:


Who will repair the amplifier if I have a problem?

Array Solutions is an official ACOM repair center. These amplifiers are built to high quality standards and will last a lifetime.  But occasionally, there may be a problem. Many times we can resolve the problem working with you on the phone, and even sending you a part to replace if you're capable of doing the work yourself.

Can I have a set of Schematics for my amplifier?  Yes, we can prepare you a CD with schematics, and hundreds of pictures and technical notes. 

Is the ACOM 2000A truly a full power auto tune amplifier, or do I have to tweak it to achieve full power?  No Tweaking ever.  The tuning algorithm is fast and accurate. It never needs "touching up."

This photo below shows the inside of the Acom 2000A (the model in the photo is an early release and new amplifiers appear slightly different - especially in the power supply PC board area).

  ACOM has facilities in Sofia as well as in other towns of the country of Bulgaria.

The company has at its disposal various types of CNC machines allowing it to produce details of utmost complexity and of top quality.

For producing articles of sheet metal the company uses CNC machines for cutting, bending, punching, welding and other operations.
Engineering Lab   One of the test stations   Mechanical Department
  ACOM manufactures most of its main components such as
  transformers, ceramic band switches, variable capacitors and
  coil forms, RF chokes, tube sockets etc.