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This product is obsolete and no longer available.

AS-25N-80  80m Vertical

Built with quality Nello Tower sections

bullet5  25N mid sections - 100957
bullet1  25N tapered top section 9' - 102301
bullet12' adjustable pipe stinger for the top
bullet1 set of Phillystran guys, turnbuckles, thimbles, tower leg guy adapters
bullet3 -104722 Screw in anchors 5/8" x 48" long
bullet1 set fiberglass insulators at the base
bullet1 Static bleed choke


Specifications:  AS-25N-80

Height approx. 70 feet tall free standing
Weight 150 lbs including base weight
Power 20 KW+
Radials required but not included
Concrete ~ 1 cubic yard  4 X 2.5 X 2.5 feet
Base  25N short base embedded in concrete
VSWR usually under 2:1 over 80/75m band
Frequency 80 meters/ 75 meters optional tuner for 160 meters
Wind 150mph can be designed for more strength too!








The Tuner module will put this antenna on 75m, 80m, and 160m














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Want all the low bands?

We have added a highly efficient tuner for this vertical to allow operation on 160/80/75 meters.  

It can be modified to operate on the 60m band.

Check it out here  AS80-Tuner