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Array Solutions

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Baluns and RF Transformers

We offer two manufacturers baluns.

bullet Basicomm Rugged High Performance baluns
bulletArray Solutions Baluns, RF Transformers, and UN-UNs below:

Array Solutions Precision Baluns and Un-Un Transformers

Designed by professionals for the highest performance and reliability, lowest loss, and crafted from the finest materials and connectors available.  We back them with our lifetime warranty. Period! 

Model - MFG Impedance Type - Power Frequency range

1:1 Baluns (50 ohm:50 ohm)

W1JR-50-3   Array Solutions 1:1 50 Ω Toroidal 5KW 3.5-60 MHz
W1JR-50-1   Array Solutions 1:1 50 Ω Toroidal 5KW 1.5-35 MHz
W1JR-50-Q    Array Solutions 1:1 50 Ω Toroidal 5KW 3.5-60 MHz
W1JR-50-1DIN Array Solutions 1:1 50 Ω Toroidal 5KW 1.8-30 MHz
W1JR-50-3DIN-B-10K 1:1 50 Ω Toroidal 10kW CW / 20kW PEP 3.5-60MHz
W1JR-50-4DIN-B-10K 1:1 50 Ω Toroidal 10kW CW / 20kW PEP 1.5-30MHz

4:1 Baluns (200 ohm : 50 ohm)

AS-200-3     Array Solutions 4:1 200:50Ω Toroidal 2KW 3.5-60 MHz
AS-200-1     Array Solutions 4:1 200:50Ω Toroidal 5kW 1.8-30 MHz
AS-200-Tuner Array Solutions 4:1 200:50Ω Toroidal 5KW 1.8-30 MHz
AS-200-T-10K Array Solutions 4:1 200:50Ω Toroidal 10KW 1.8-30 MHz

1:2 Baluns (25ohm:50 ohm)

AS-25-3EB     Array Solutions 1:2   25:50Ω Toroidal 3 KW 3.5-60 MHz
AS-25-1EB   Array Solutions 1:2   25:50Ω Toroidal 3KW 1.8-30 MHz
AS-25-10K-SO   Array Solutions 1:2   25:50Ω Toroidal 5KW 1.8-30 MHz

Non-Standard Ratios -
(Most are special order)

AS-75-1   Array Solutions 1.5 75:50Ω Toroidal 5KW 1.8-30 MHz
AS-50-L1   Array Solutions 50Ω Line Isolator choke Toroidal 5KW 1.8-30 MHz
AS-300-1   Array Solutions 6:1 300:50Ω Toroidal 5KW Guenella Current Balun 1.8-30 MHz
AS-450-1   Array Solutions 9:1 450:50Ω Toroidal 5KW Guenella Current Balun 1.8-30 MHz
AS-600-150W   Array Solutions 12:1 Balun 150W Toroidal 150W 1.8-30 MHz
AS-600-500W   Array Solutions 12:1 Balun 500W Toroidal 500W 1.8-30 MHz
AS-600-1.5KW   Array Solutions 12:1 Balun 1.5KW Toroidal 1.5KW 1.8-30 MHz
AS-800-150W   Array Solutions 16:1 Balun 150W Toroidal 150W 1.8-30 MHz
AS-800-500W   Array Solutions 16:1 Balun 500W Toroidal 500W 1.8-30 MHz
AS-800-1.5KW   Array Solutions 16:1 Balun 1.5KW Toroidal 1.5KW 1.8-30 MHz

Balun Mounting Plates

BMP-4  Aluminum Plate - For Yagis etc AS Series balun mounting plate
DMP      Plastic Center Insulator AS Series Dipole mounting plate  

UN-UN Transformers

AS-200-T-UN 4:1 UNUN Toroidal 5kW 1.5 -60 MHz
AS-75:50-1    Array Solutions 75:50Ω Toroidal 5KW 1.8-60 MHz
Other Baluns & Xfmrs      
Custom Baluns and Transformers . . .
Call or email for custom balun pricing . . .

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Balun manual

Why are the Array Solutions Precision Baluns and transformers the finest Baluns and Un-Un transformers you can buy? 

Answer - because of good design engineering expertise, implementation, R&D, finest materials, extensive testing in the lab, in and out of doors with thousands now sold, and experience of many severe antenna requirements and challenging antenna loads.

If you really want to learn about serious balun design, please buy the following book from CQ Communications or the ARRL Bookstore and educate yourself about baluns.  And please, don't believe all you read on the web about these useful devices. There is allot of bad information out there. On top of it all you can even build your own if you like! No magic, just good design and practical applications in this book.

"Understanding, Building, and Using Baluns and Ununs"  by Dr. Jerry Sevick, W2FMI

Our baluns and Un-Uns are correctly engineered and tested as discussed in this publication. They will not heat up under heavy duty power, duty cycles, or stressing load conditions. and................................ we back them up with a life-time warranty! 

This means your antenna will have the best patterns possible, and will match the load perfectly over the frequency ranges you need.

eHam.net reviews


Up till now, balun manufactures have tended to be behind the curve of what I call “honest representation” or simply truth in advertising. Representation of the true power rating of their balun. Their designs tend to be derivative, not original. In fact, if one desires to jump into the arena of manufacturing RF baluns, all you need is the closest ACE Hardware store for the PVC tubes and end caps along with some cloths line eye bolts. Oh yes, mail order in some powered iron cores or worse yet, ferrite sleeves and away you go. If you want to be a higher power balun designer and manufacture simply buy larger PVC pipes and end caps and paint the whole mess black. Rate them at some ridicules power capability and wait for the orders.

Over the years I have been one of the fools ordering some of these “new technology” baluns. It is comical to fire up the gud ole Collins 30S1 amplifier watch the SWR climb the longer your fist is at the key. 1500 watts PEP SSB … NO … 1500 watts CW or RTTY. In fact I have had a few of these off-brand baluns actually start the melt down process.

Well enough of the bashing. We all should be relieved to know that the company called Array Solutions is a true RF balun designer and manufacture under the watchful eye of Jerry Sevick, W2FMI and Array Solutions chief cook and bottle washer Jay Terleski, WX0B. Jerry Sevick is the author of books and numerous RF balun articles in QST. Best of all, Jay, WX0B tells the truth about his products.

I now running the Array Solutions balun transformer on two of the mighty Zero Five 43 foot verticals. I also have one of the Array Solutions 4:1 balun transformers up at 70’ on an OFC Windom antenna. Unlike other copy cat off-brand baluns the Array Solution baluns does not flinch at full 1500 watts from the masterful Collins 30S1 RF generator. Cool and steady transforming ratios and performance is peace of mind with Array Solutions baluns. Highly recommended! I wish there was a 10 out of 10 rating! Great product indeed.
Dennis J. Had W4USR




bulletMore eHam.net reviews -  click here> Array Solutions Balun Reviews

Need more information? Read the letter below.

Recommended by Dr. Jerry Sevick, retired Bell Labs Engineer and RF transformer engineer get his latest book "Understanding, Building and using Baluns and Un-Uns" by Dr Jerry Sevick, W2FMI.

Dr. Jerry Sevick, W2FMI on Array Solutions Un-Uns and Baluns

I would like to express my thanks to Jay Terleski, WX0B for continuing the advancement of the transmission line transformer. We have become somewhat of co-workers, sharing information back and forth about how these efficient devices work in the HF, MF, and VHF parts of spectrum. He has done some recent experiments on new ferrite cores and found that by reducing the number of turns the actual potential difference on each turn is greater which increased the core loss. This means that the losses in these transmission line transformers are voltage dependant and not flux related.

The Array Solutions baluns use the J. Reisert, W1JR technique which was developed in 1978.  As I have previously documented in my published books the Reisert balun which uses a low permeability toroid core and a small but high powered transmission line is one of the most efficient and elegant baluns ever devised.  This is due to the following: 

·         An efficient low-loss ferrite is used.

·         The balun has sufficient choking reactance for the various low-frequency requirements, in the Array Solutions versions you can chose them.

·         The characteristic impedance of the coiled transmission line was the same as that of the feedline, eliminating the extra transformer action of a length of transmission line with different characteristic impedance.

·         The balun is a form of Guanella’s two-conductor 1:1 balun, which is not prone to core flux and, hence, saturations and the generation of spurious frequencies.

·         It is also not susceptible to mismatched and unbalanced loads as are the Turrin and “voltage” baluns. 

The use of a crossover winding in the Reisert balun has virtually NO effect up to 100 MHz, which was the limit of my equipment. The idea that the crossover winding introduces stray capacitances is not evident, and in the Array Solutions design it is proven to be a non-factor.  We don’t see any affect of the crossover winding or inter-capacitance problems from the windings themselves, since they are so carefully arranged in this balun and not “scramble wound”.  But the crossover winding does allow a convenient way to allow Array Solutions to dress the cable to the output bolts on the opposite end from the connector, and I suspect that is why he has chosen to use this technique.   This is an excellent implementation of the W1JR design. 

Not related to the engineering of this balun is the Nema 4X sealed box that is used.  What a perfect solution to keep moisture out of the balun.  You can take the cover off and review the design.  They have nothing to hide inside this well made product. 

Jerry Sevick, W2FMI  

April 30, 2005

                                        Jerry Sevick, W2FMI (SK 2009) with Jay Terleski, WX0B - Dayton 2004

Return Loss measured on a W1JR-50-1 Balun is shown below from 1 to 30 Mhz

5 KW 1:1 50 Ω W1JR Baluns

All Baluns are sealed in weatherproof Nema Boxes, with an SO-239 (or optional type N or 7/16 DIN) input connector and two #10 Stainless Steel bolt output connections. They have weep holes drilled in the bottom of the boxes to allow condensation evaporation. Holes should always be mounted downwards.

The standard 1:1 Baluns shown in picture below come optimized for the following frequencies

W1JR-50-1               1-30 MHz operation at  5 KW

W1JR-50-3               3-60 MHz operation at  5 KW

baluns.jpg (83850 bytes)1:1 Baluns

25 Ω balanced to 50 Ω unbalanced 2:1 Balun

these 25 ohm baluns are used to match Yagi 20-25 Ohm driven elements directly without the need for matching networks, like gamma, T-match, or hairpin matching. 

Rated for 3 KW CW / 6 KW PEP, these Baluns offer the same quality as our well known W1JR Baluns.

Two models to choose from 3.5-60 MHz and 1.8-30 MHz

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Quad or Dipole Balun (W1JR type) 1:1 50 Ω











A 50 ohm 1:1 Balun developed to fit perfectly at the feed point of quads

Key Benefits


5KW (with N-connector). Very high efficiency. Will not heat up like the typical "current" baluns using beaded coax.


1:1 is a great balun for dipoles or any other 50 ohm balanced antenna.


Polarity is marked to make stacking of antennas easy.


3.5-60 Mhz

Pricing and Ordering

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5  KW 4:1 W2FMI Type Baluns 200:50 Ω

The standard 4:1 Baluns shown in picture below come optimized for the following frequencies

bulletAS-200-3 3.5-60 MHz operation at 5 KW   Great for Log periodic antennas
bulletAS-200-1 1.5-60 MHz operation at 5 KW   Great for log periodic antennas and other broad band approx 200 ohm antennas
bulletAS-200-T 1.5 - 30 MHz at 5 KW. Heavy Duty windings heavy cores, Ideal for dipoles, or other antennas where a tuner is used to match the transmitter over a wide range of impedances.  For instance the multi band verticals or a Zepp fed with ladder line.


AS200-T-10K (6"x6"x6")

 AS200-T-10K Interior - Standard with 7/16 DIN
(optional SO239 shown)


KT-36/KT34 Balun Mount

AS-300-1 300:50 ohm 6:1 Baluns  and AS-450-1 9:1 Baluns


Pricing and Ordering

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10 and 20 kW Baluns 1:1 baluns





AS-75-10K DIN - 75 Ohm Balun to 50 Ohm cable

The standard 1.5:1 Baluns shown in picture below come optimized for the following frequencies

bullet1.5-30 MHz operation at 5 KW CCS / 10KW Peak 
bulletHigher power available
bulletSO239, Type-N, or DIN Connectors available
bullet5X5X2 inches, approx 2 lbs

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50 Ohm Line Isolator

These current devices are based on the W1JR Baluns above. They are used to stop RFI on the outside of a coaxial cable shield from entering a radio shack.  They also are use to isolate vertical feed points to eliminate coaxial cable RF pickup.

Key Benifits:

bulletFeedline is decoupled from vertical radial system
bulletRejects feedline radiation into sensitive areas of the radio room
bulletPerfect for raised radial systems to prevent feedline from coupling to the radials


bullet50Ω unbalanced to 50 Ω unbalanced Current Isolator
bulletRated for 5KW, these Isolators offer the same quality as our well known W1JR baluns.
bulletVSWR 1:1, 50 ohm devices
bulletTeflon SO239 on either side of the box, also available in Type-N and 7/16DIN
bullet4X4X2 inches NEMA 4X Sealed boxes

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Dipole mounting plate - DMP

For mounting W1JR and AS series of baluns for use in a dipole or loop configuration - functions as center insulator

 Balun mounting plate BMP-4

The solution to mounting our AS series baluns to the boom of your antenna

Accepts all 4 inch square baluns with mounting tabs.

Includes Plate, 4x stainless steel #8 screws and hardware - **does not include U bolt**

pre-drilled for 2 inch and 3 inch Mast U-bolts. Room enough for you to drill holes for a different size boom and U-bolts.

Pricing and Ordering Click here for price list and ordering information.

Pricing and Ordering

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50 to 75 ohm High Power Wideband Transformers

These UN-UN transformers are housed in die-cast aluminum water resistant boxes and include a standard silver and Teflon SO239 connector or an optional N-type connector.

They will handle 5 kW+  from 1.8 to over 60 Mhz. Insertion loss is negligible, and SWR is 1-1.1 to 1 over the entire bandwidth.  These transformers are perfect for use with CATV 75 ohm hard-line.

Connectors available are SO239 standard, Type N, 7/16 DIN.


Pricing and Ordering

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Custom Baluns and Transformers

Large high power 200 OHM to 50 OHM Balun for a Log Periodic  over the horizon radar antenna

300 Ohm short-wave broadcast air cooled Balun now in Equatorial Africa at a 20 kW AM radio station

300 ohm output side


Please call us with your requirements for custom Baluns and RF Transformers