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                    The BandMaster III !

              A Universal Radio Band Decoder

Includes lightning isolated relays to drive both Sinking and Sourcing ( any voltage) at the same time. No need for

additional relay drivers, it's all built into one small table top box.


Small but Powerful, this Band Decoder has more features than any other Band decoder made and it costs less than the closest competitor.  Now that's a great deal! Made in the USA and supported for life.


bulletDecodes 12 bands from 160M to 6M including 60M and 80M/75M (with CIV or RS232)
bulletNew 4 wire interface to drive EightPaks and band pass filters (for FilterMax & BandPasser)
bulletInternal level converter for ICOM CI-V and other non-RS232 radios
bulletThe CIV Port can be used to drive other CIV devices from non-Icom radios (Sorry, not a PW-1)
bulletCompatible with Elecraft K3, ICOM, Kenwood and Yaesu radios (Flex via DDUTIL emulation)


Typical BandMaster Configuration Settings

Elecraft K3 or

Yaesu Band Data




Model: Band Data

Icom Addr:  00

Baud Rate: 9600

Interface: RS-232-TTL

Radio ID:  # (1 -4)

Model: Icom

Icom Addr:*  7F

Baud Rate:* 9600

Interface: CI-V

Radio ID:  # (1 -4)

* the hex address and baud rate must match the radio

Model:* FT2000

Icom Addr:  00

Baud Rate:* 4800

Interface: RS-232-BiPolar

Radio ID:  # (1 -4)

* the model # and baud rate must match the radio

Model: Kenwood

Icom Addr:  00

Baud Rate:* 9600

Interface: RS-232-BiPolar

Radio ID:  # (1 -4)

* the baud rate must match the radio



bulletEach band output has two sets of relay contacts for sinking (+V) and sourcing (grounding) outputs simultaneously. 

bulletBand edges can be custom configured via application software (link to download below) - very powerful feature.
bulletRFI immune, and CE and FCC compliant - all metal case.
bulletFree Firmware updatable via download insures compatibility for new radios and new features
bulletHighly flexible, filtered, static protected on comm. ports, etc. 
bulletBuilt to be reliable in high RF/EMP environments
bulletSmall footprint: 1"H X 6.5"W X 5.5"D
bulletEasy to configure through the program
bulletCables for Radios available.  $40 each (typ - some less).
bulletDownload the latest manual (< Updated 7/16/2014)
bulletDownload the latest firmware and application for programming the Bandmaster III only - not for previous models:

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