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This product is obsolete and no longer available.


Array Solutions, Big Bertha Rotating Poles and the Mini Bertha Fixed Poles

Military or Government Agencies are our usual customer for these strong rotating masts.

We are sorry, but we cannot offer them at amateur prices, but if you seriously interested in a quality

rugged rotating tower system, give us a call!

  1. Big Bertha Poles - fully rotating poles
  2. Fixed-Bertha - fixed poles with rotator on top and / or rotating ring rotators to rotate antennas at different heights.


A very strong rotating tower pole with no guying.  128 feet tall.

The Array Solutions Rotating pole can solve the most demanding military, government agency, or amateur radio high performance problems.  These poles require no guying, can safely handle large antenna loads, and rotate the whole pole with out strain.  We have these custom built to your specifications and heights, we ship them to your site, and have our professional installers and welders put them up.  



                   Notice the steps - first class


These are the top of the line in tower poles. They include the rotation motors, drive, weather housing, and controller which has a computer interface as well.  The housing is a full metal top and bottom welded metal building mounted on the concrete pad and grounded to the system. Here are some photos inside the building.

Below is a picture of a 147 ft tall Big Bertha base and rotator.  The motor drive turns this behemoth with ease.

150 square feet of antennas on this monster at NT1Y Installed by Custom Metal Works - www.custommetalworks.com


Contact info to discuss your system  call Array Solutions at 972 203 2008