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This product is obsolete and no longer available.


Specifications: Big Bertha Rotating Mast System

Height 40 - 150 feet
Weight - Base and Tower 16,000 pounds  (130 feet) 30,000 pounds 150 feet
Antenna Load Capacity 85-150+ Sq Ft. (designed to your spec)
Base Pipe Dimension up to 32 inches diameter 40 feet long
Top Pipe Dimension 8  inches diameter 
Steps  Double set at bottom, level at top
Finish Three part marine system, and HD galvanized
Concrete Base approx 12' Deep x 8' x 8' designed for your location and soil and load
Rotating Socket tube  Steel with bearings
Rotating Drive System MegoOne Rotator 60,000 inch pounds of torque

specification subject to change by manufacturer

For additional information/pricing call Jay Terleski at 972-203 2008 

or e-mail Array Solutions at jayt@arraysolutions.com