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Amplifier-Transceiver and other cables Page


Array Solutions now provides interface cables between many popular transceivers and amplifiers.  Let us know if you need an interface cable not covered by this list.

Interface Cables                                                                      Rev AD 11/07/2014


Description without costs

Cable PN               Interface Description                                          `                               Products

OTHP1                  Orion band data decoder for HL-1.5                                               THP HL-1.5 only

OTHP2                  Orion band data decoder for HL-2.5                                               THP HL-2.5 only

CAT1                     Yaesu RS232 Serial Band Data                                                       SPE amp

CAT2                     Kenwood RS232 Serial Band Data                                                 SPE amp

CAT3                     TenTec RS232 Serial Band Data                                                     SPE amp

CAT4                     Yaesu RS232/SS amp key/auto power on                                     SPE amp

CAT5                     Yaesu RS232/auto power on (amp-key external)                        SPE amp

CIV1                      Icom CI-V Band Data                                                                       SPE amp

DX3KDIN             Yaesu FTDX3K to DIN8/262 Adapter                                           FTDX3000

FT1K                     Yaesu Solid-State amp key                                                               All modern amps,


FT1K1                   Yaesu Band Data/Solid-State amp key                                          THP HL-1.5KFx

FT1K1BD             Yaesu Band Data                                                                                                THP HL-1.5KFx

FT1KY                  Yaesu Band Data SPLITTER (1 Male -to-2 Female)

FT1K2                   Yaesu Band Data/Solid-State amp key                                          THP HL-2.5KFx

FT1K2BD             Yaesu Band Data                                                                                                THP HL-1.5KFx

FT2                         FT-857/897 Band Data/Solid-State amp key                                               SPE amp

SPE450                  FT450/950 band data, ALC, amp key, amp inhibit to SPE        SPE Amp

FT1KSPE              Yaesu TTL serial band data                                                              SPE amp

FT1KBDSPE        Yaesu Band Data to SPE amp                                                         SPE amp

FT2THP1              FT-857/897 Band Data/Solid-State amp key                                               THP HL-1.5KFx

FT3                         FT-857/897 ALC                                                                                 All amplifiers

FT4                         FT-857/897 Solid-State Amp key                                                    All modern amps,

                                                                                                                                                QSK MASTER

FT5                         FT-857/897 to HL-350 amp key                                                     HL-350VDX

FT3KTHP1A        FTDX3000 Band Data to THP HL1.5KFX                                   THP HL-1.5KFX

FT3KTHP1B        FTDX3000 Band Data to THP HL1.5KFX & amp-key/ALC    THP HL-1.5KFX

FT817HL45         FT817/HL45 Band Data, TX and ALC interface                         HL45B/FT817

F1500HL12          Flex-1500/HL-1.2KFx amp enable                                                 HL-1.2KFx

F1500HL45          Flex-1500/HL45B amp enable                                                        HL-45B

HL45SDR             Peabody SDR V2 to HL45B amp enable                                       HL-45B

HL703A                                Icom IC-703 to HL-45B ALC/Amp Key                                       HL-45B

IC7K1                   Icom IC-706/718/7000 ALC/Amp Key                                         THP HL-1.1/1.2/1.5, SPE,

                                                                                                                                             ALS-1306, QSK MASTER

IC7K2                   Icom IC-706/718/7000 ALC/Amp Key                                         All modern amps &

                                                                                                                                                QSK MASTER

INTFC45B            HL-45B ALC/Amp Key interface cable (2xRCA Male)             HL-45B

K3ALS                  K3 to Ameritron ALS-1306 Band Data and ALC                        ALS-1306

K3THP1                K3 ALC & Band Data                                                                       THP HL-1.5KFX

K3THP2                K3 ALC & Band Data                                                                       THP HL-2.5KFX

K3ALC                  K3 ALC only                                                                                        All amps

K3SPE                   K3 Band Data & ALC to SPE amp                                                 SPE Amp

K3SPE232            K3 RS232 interface to SPE amp                                                      SPE Amp

K3VL1K               K3 band data, ALC, and +12V control for Yaesu VL1K           VL-1000 amp

KX3HL45             Elecraft KX3 to HL45B amp-key                                                   HL-45B

KX3HR50            Hardrock-50/KX3 Band Tracking and Amp-key                         Hardrock50 amp

KPATT599           TenTec Eagle/Elecraft KPA500 amp-key                                      KPA500/TT Eagle

K480                      TS-480 ALC/+12V Solid-State keying                                            QSK MASTER

K2K                       TS-440/850/870/2000 ALC/+12V Solid-state amp key             QSK MASTER

PRO1                     IC-746/756/765/7400 Solid-State amp key (QSK)                      All modern amps

                                                                                                                                                and QSK MASTER

PRO2                     IC-746/756/7657400 Solid-State amp key (QSK)                       THP HL-2.5KFx

PRO3                     IC-746/756/765/7400 SS amp key (QSK)/Band Voltage          THP HL-1.5KFx,

TS480-1                                TS-480 ALC/Relay amp key (non-QSK)                                       All modern amps

TS480-2                                TS-480 ALC/Solid-State amp key (QSK)                                       All modern amps

TS2K-1                  TS-570/850/870/2000 ALC/Relay amp key (non-QSK)            All modern amps

TS2K-2                  TS-570/850/870/2000 ALC/Solid-State amp key (QSK)           All modern amps

TS990-1                                TS-990 ALC/Relay/Solid-state cable outputs (SS/ALC paired) All modern amps

TS990-2                                TS-990 ALC/Relay/Solid-state RCA outputs (RCA jacks)         All modern amps

TS850SPE             Kenwood TTL serial band data                                                       SPE amp


ACOM Cables                                                                                                     

A2KY232             ACOM2000 RS232 Y-Connection                                 

A2KICIV              ACOM2000 ICOM CI/V                                                  

A2KKW232         ACOM2000 Kenwood RS-232 Interface                      

A2KFT232           ACOM2000 Yaesu RS-232 Interface                            

A2KFT857           ACOM2000 Yaesu FT-857/897 Interface                    

A2KK3                  ACOM2000 K3 Interface                                                

A2KFTD               ACOM2000 Yaesu FT-1000D/990 Interface                               



1)       “All Modern Amps” means amp-keying NMT +16VDC OC/500ma max ground to enable

2)       Yaesu FT-990 has no standard RCA amp-key output.  Therefore, you must use an FT1K cable for the HL-1.1/1.2, a FT1K1 cable for a HL-1.5, or a FT1K2 cable for a HL-2.5


Non-Amplifier Cables

BMFM                   BandMaster to FilterMax                                                                  BandMaster/FilterMax

BMSP                    BandMaster to 6PAK                                                                         BandMaster/6Pak

CAT-Y                   DB9 Splitter Cable:  Male-to-2xFemale                                         Various Aps

CAT-YR                DB9 Splitter Cable:  Female-to-2xMale                                         Various Aps

FTBM                    Yaesu Band Data to Bandmaster (8-pin 240 deg)                       BandMaster 1/2/3

FTBP                      Yaesu to BandPasser II                                                                     BandPasser II

FTMDBM             FT-857/897 Band Data to BandMaster PLUS Amp Enable      BandMaster 1/2/3

ICBM                    ICOM CI-V to BandMaster                                                              BandMaster 1/2/3

ICEBM2               ICE419A-to-BandMasterII only                                                     BandMasterII only

K3DBS1                K3 Band Data to DBS1                                                                     DBS1

K3BM                   K3 to BandMaster                                                                              BandMaster 1/2/3

K3BP                     K3 to BandPasser II                                                                           BandPasser II

K3Y                       K3 HD15 Splitter Cable: Male-to-2xFemale                                 K3 Apps

KX3BM                                KX3 to BandMAster – RS232 interface                                         Bandmaster 1/2/3

KTTLBM              Kenwood TTL-to-BandMaster                                                        BandMaster 1/2/3

YTTLBM              Yaesu TTL-to-BandMaster                                                               BandMaster 1/2/3

RS232Y                 RS232 25 pin splitter cable:  Male-to-2xFemale                           BandMaster Apps

RESICOM            RigExpert STANDARD to IC-910H                                                RigExpert Standard

RESKNWD           RixExpert STANDARD to TM-V7                                                   RigExpert Standard


Most prices are listed below, but call us if you need other prices.   Cables prices are from $35 to $50 depending on complexity.


Cable Price Description
A2KFT232 $40 ACOM 2000A new RCU to Yeasu FTxxx RS232 CAT interface  (RTS disabled)
BMFM $35 BandMaster to FilterMax
CAT1 $30 Yaesu RS232 Serial Band Data.  SPE amp
CAT2 $30 Kenwood RS232 Serial Band Data.  SPE amp
CAT3 $30 TenTec RS232 Serial Band Data.  SPE amp
CAT4 $50 Yaesu MP/2K/9K CAT/ QSK /Auto Power On for SPE
CAT5 $45 Yaesu MP/2K/9K CAT / (no QSK) / Auto Power On for SPE
CAT-Y $15 DB9 Splitter Cable:  Male-to-2x Female
CAT-YR $15 DB9 Splitter Cable:  Female-to-2xMale
CIV1 $35 Icom CI-V Band Data.  SPE amp
F1500HL45 $45 Flex-1500/HL45B amp enable
FT1K $35 Yaesu Solid-State amp key.  THP, SPE, Ameritron, QSK MASTER
FT1K1 $40 Yaesu Band Data/Solid-State amp key.  THP-1.5KFx
FT1K1BD $40 Yaesu Band Data only to THP-1.5KFx
FT1K2 $40 Yaesu Band Data/Solid-State amp key.  THP-2.5KFx
FT1K2BD $40 Yaesu Band Data only to THP-2.5KFx
FT1KSPE $45 Yaesu TTL FT1000D serial band data.  SPE amp
FT1KBDSPE $45 Yaesu TTL band data (8 pin DIN Connector) SPE amp


$35 Band data only. ALC and amp-key use the radio’s RCA jacks.  .
FT3KTHP1B $45 Band data, ALC and amp-key coming out of the DB15
FT2 $40 FT-857/897 Band Data/Solid-State amp key for  SPE amp
FT232 $45 FT-857/897 RS232 output (WITH CT-62) AND amp-key output
FT2THP1 $45 FT-857/897Band Data/Solid-State amp key for THP HL-1.5KFX
FT3 $35 FT-857/897 ALC.  All amplifiers
FT4 $35 FT-857/897 Solid-State Amp key.  THP, SPE, Ameritron, QSK MASTER
FT5 $40 FT-857/897 to HL-350VDX amp key
FTBM $40 Yaesu Band Data to Bandmaster (8-pin 240 deg)
FTMDBM $55 FT-857/897 Band Data to BandMaster  1&2 PLUS Amp Enable
HL703A $45 Icom IC-703 to HL-45B ALC/Amp Key
IC7K1 $35 Icom IC-706/718/7000 ALC/Amp Key.  THP-1.1/1.2/1.5, SPE, QSK MASTER
IC7K2 $55 Icom IC-706/718/7000 ALC/Amp Key.  THP-2.5KFX, Ameritron
IC7KHL350 $40 IC-7000/706 to HL350 amplifier
ICBM $35 Icom CI-V-to-BandMaster  1&2
ICBM-III $5 Icom CI-V to BandMaster III
ICEBM2 $60 ICE419A-to-BandMaster II
INTFC45B $45 HL-45B ALC/Amp Key interface cable (2xRCA Male)
K2K $35 TS-440/850/870/2000 ALC/Solid-state amp key.  QSK MASTER
K3ALC $35 K3 ALC output only.  All THP amps, particularly HL-1.1/1.2/550.
K3BM $40 K3 to BandMaster 
K3DBS1 $35 K3 Band Data to DBS1  (Obsolete Band Decoder)
K3SPE $45 K3 ALC and Band Data for SPE amp
K3SPE-RS232 $75 K3 RS232 DB9 to SPE combo - includes K3ALC Accessory Cable DB15HD
K3THP1 $45 K3 ALC & Band Data.  THP-1.5KFX
K3THP2 $45 K3 ALC & Band Data.  THP-2.5KFX
K3VL1K $50 K3 to VL1000 amp.  ALC, Band Data and +12V.
K3-Y $15 K3 HD15 Splitter Cable:  Male-to-2xFemale (all 15 pins through)
K480 $35 TS-480 ALC/Solid-State keying.  QSK MASTER
KTTLBM $33 Kenwood TTL-to-BandMaster
PRO1 $45 IC-746/756/765 SS amp key (QSK).  THP-1.1/1.2/1.5, SPE, QSK MASTER
PRO2 $55 IC-746/756/765 Solid-State amp key (QSK).  THP-2.5KFx
PRO3 $45 IC-746/756/765 SS amp key (QSK)/Band Voltage.  THP-1.5
RESICOM $45 RigExpert STANDARD to IC-910H
RS232Y $15 RS232 25 pin splitter cable:  Male-to-2x Female
SPE450 $0 SPE amp to FT450/950 band data, NO LONGER MADE
TS2K-1 $35 TS-570/590/850/870/990/2000 ALC/Relay amp key (non-QSK).  All amps
TS2K-2 $45 TS-570/590/850/870/990/2000 ALC/Solid-State amp key (QSK).  All amps
TS480-1 $35 TS-480 ALC/Relay amp key (non-QSK).  All amps
TS480-2 $45 TS-480 ALC/Solid-State amp key (QSK).  All amps
TS850SPE $45 Kenwood TTL serial band data.  SPE amp
YTTLBM $40 Yaesu TTL-to-BandMaster
Note: Yaesu FT-990 has no standard RCA amp-key output. 
Therefore, you must use an FT1K cable for the HL-1.1/1.2, 
a FT1K1 cable for a HL-1.5, or a FT1K2 cable for a HL-2.5

Note: Some of these cables are not listed on our price list. If you need one of these cables, please select another cable that is priced the same as the one you need, and tell us the part number of the cable you actually want to order in the comment area of the order form. This will be corrected on our new web page.

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