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TwoPak HF+VHF 2 antenna switch, & Dual Feedline Option for
StackMatch or StackMaster and

The TwoPak, and TwoPak Plus, a great HF & VHF antenna switch


Two Pak and Two Pak Plus Antenna Switches


These Array Solutions RF switches come in two styles.  External DC cables and Bias-T inside to allow DC to be sent through the coax cable. The Bias-T system included with the TwoPak Plus includes the Bias-T and switch to insert the DC into the coax cable.

 Specifications                       TwoPak                                                              TwoPak Plus ( includes Bias-T Plus inside)

Frequency Range:                     1.8-150 MHz                                                         1.8-150 MHz

SWR:                                       <1.1:1 across the full frequency range                    Same

RF Power Handling:                    5.0 KW CW/RTTY   10kW SSB                                2kW CW/SSB/RTTY

DC voltage limit:                       Not applicable external DC wiring                           50VDC maximum, positive polarity

DC current capability:               125 ma relay (external power wireing                     400 ma Bias-T for the 125ma relay

DC Interface:                           two wire                                                               Coax Cable powered

RF Interfaces:                           SO-239 UHF connectors                                         Same

Size:                                         4x3x2.5                                                             Same

Pricing and Ordering 

Dual Feedline Option

This option is very useful for allowing a single beam in a stack of phased beams to be switched to a second radio's feedline.  Paired  with the StackMatch or StackMaster control's "auxiliary" position it gives the contest operator that fast hit and run weapon to break that pileup on a multiplier with a bigger antenna, while running your own pileup.

A special modification of it makes it a TwoPak which is a HF-VHF (150MHz) Antenna DPST 10 KW Relay.  It is capable of 10 KW Power handling to 30MHz, 5 KW at 6 meters, 3 KW at 2 meters.

It also can be used as a stand alone high power high isolation R.F. relay to select between two antennas.  Think of it as a SPDT RF relay  that can also be used to select one of two antennas and feed them to the StackMatch or StackMaster.

It comes enclosed in a heavy duty die-cast Aluminum box  approximately 4x3x2 inches in dimension.  It has a three SO-239 connectors (N-type optional), Galvanized U-Bolt,and a two conductor un-terminated wire for attaching to the 12vDC control line.  

The dual feedline switch has >80 dB of isolation between ports, and will handle 5KW CW, and RTTY.     It will operate from DC to 55 Mhz.

Pricing and Ordering