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Array Solutions OCF Dipoles

Built to Military Standards just like the rest of our commercial products!


The OCF Dipole or the Off Center Fed Dipole has been around for ages. We brushed it off and made it better! Extensive modeling on the computer then building it, and testing it for days has resulted in what we believe to be the finest "correctly" designed OCF ever made.

What do we mean by correctly designed? This one has several areas where the compromises of the competitors have been overcome and designed out.  This 135 foot wire dipole is made of the finest materials, just like you would expect from Array Solutions!

* Standard Connector is SO239, Type-N is optional

Specifications:   AS-OCF-2K and AS-OCF-5K

Power Handling  Two models 2KW CCS/4KW PEP and 5KW CCS/ 10KW PEP
Length 135 feet overall plus an additional 25 feet of UV rope on each end included.
Weight -2K 5 lbs,  -5K 6 lbs
Bands 80m to 6m - Should work with standard transceivers with a built in ATU.              30m and 15m - with external tuner and at full rated power.  3KW and 5 KW
Balun model

2K: AS-200-3

5K: AS-200-T

True 4:1 balun, warranted for life. (except for lightning, see our warranty policy for details)
Wire Heavy gauge stranded flexible and heavy black PE Insulation.
Build Quality Built to comply with Mil-Specification Quality for Wire Antennas, all hardware is stainless steel, Baluns are Warranted for life, wire and crimps are top notch. 
Mounting Options May be mounted with halyards, on a mast, side of a building or chimney with the supplied mounting plate.


VSWR Curves Measured at the end of 40 feet of RG213 Coaxial cable.

Note the dotted purple line is the 2:1 VSWR line










The plot below is of the 6 meter band showing the VSWR within the 6 meter bands is excellent without any tuner










Manual a pdf file download

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