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OptiBeam - We are proud to be the North American Official Dealer of OptiBeam Antenna Technologies

Simply the best wire beam for a small permanent installation or the DX-Peditioner.

The very special wire beam

Opti Wire Beam

 small - light - inobtrusive - but as strong as an ox 


 maximum performance by a modern computer optimized design


optimum element order and element positioning


 integration of powerful Moxon structures


use of the special and loss free OptiBeam multiband driver feed system


 Mechanically stable, no cheap and ugly "wire mess"


Only  the best materials are used for quality


use of many carefully planned machine worked precision parts


Unique design for a robust and optically attractive frame


assembly within 1 hour, no annoying tuning, no fiddling around


all elements are completely prepared (no fussing with a roll of wire)


all elements are pre installed in the center


total pre assembly of all components


perfect pre adjustment of the entire truss system


 the ultimate solution for limited space, a critical neighbourhood, and for portable use !!!

Here is a diagram of the Unique Moxon elements and the interlaced straight elements. Pure simple genius! The Opti Wire OptiBeam.


Think it won't work? 

This baby is already working!

See the plots and VSWR curves by downloading this file OPTIPLOTS pdf format

. The measured values are even better

Learn more about it from the OPTIBEAM Website

MONOBANDERS for 20,15,10, and 6 meters

OptiBeam High Performance Monobander for 6, 10, 15 und 20m

For several years OptiBeam is well known for its special multiband Yagis and its monoband Yagis for 30, 40 and 80m, shortened by high Q air coils. They all distinguish by best electrical performance and excellent mechanics.  Now they are able to provide their well known mechanical and electrical performance in these great monoband antennas.  

Unlike the other OptibBeam multiband antennas which are aimed at diversity they have specialised on one model/design for each band which shows an extraordinary electrical performance and which mechanically is realised extremely robust.

OptiBeams analysis proves that a long boom 5 element design is the winner concerning electrical efficiency (combined with mechanical robustness).

The difference in performance of the 5 element desing compared to a  4 element Yagi is a well noticeable (1 to 1.5 dBd additional gain plus much better radiation pattern) whereas the step towards a 6 element monobander barely can be registered (just 0.3 to 0.5 dBd additional gain but achieved by a large increase in boom length.

The OptiBeam monobanders for 6, 10, 15 und 20m are designed for the demanding contest stations and for operators with especially high requirements.           

Optibeam utilizes modern 5 element computer optimised OWA designs, where the first director is located relatively close to the driven element to match the system to 50 ohms directly without the need for a matching device. 

They are distinguish by the following electrical and mechanical parameters: 

   Electrical Specifications


the driven element, second and third director wide spaced)


boom length 0.71 lambda


gain about 8.5 dBd


f/b 25 to 30 dB


gain and radiation pattern nearly constant across the entire frequency range


extremely flat SWR curve across the entire band


50 Ohm direct fed without the requirement of matching mechanisms


 perfectly stackable in distances from 0.6 up to 1.2 lambda

 Mechanical Specifications 


Use of large tapered round booms for 20,15,and 10 meter antennas


Use of a square boom on the 6 meter antenna


160 km/h (above 100 mp/h) survivablity with heavy duty elements. For instance the tube

           diameters at the centers start at :

                     - 20m = 35mm (1.378 inches)

                     - 15m = 25mm ( 1 inch)

                     - 10m = 20mm ( .8 inch)

                     -   6m = 16mm (.63 inch)


Special ribbed stainless steel U-bolt cradles. to keep the elements flat even under most severe conditions as well as the boom to mast clamp.


All hardware is stainless steel


Click on the links below to see the products and take a tour of the quality in all of the OptiBeam antennas:



bullet Making an OptiBeam, a must see tour

bullet Pricing 

The latest in high performance multi-band Yagis without any compromises!

Be sure to see the full line up of these unique new antennas.


What is an OptiBeam?

Jim Fogarty, K2YU  - OB6B+ System from Optibeam may be the best system possible for 6 bands on a telescoping tower.

Another look at the OB6B+ system  It has the following:

Bands - elements

40          2  

20          3  

17          3  

15          4   

12          4 (use of the 10m directors)  

10          4 

This antenna is by far the best Triband antenna I have ever owned. I am anxious to add the OB7-2 WARC antenna to round out the system. 

For those of you who saw the antennas at Dayton, there is no need to mention the very fine HD construction and first rate craftsmanship that goes into these antennas. For me as a first time purchaser, sight unseen, the quality of construction was very impressive and best of
all the antenna is very easy to assemble. no measuring required. All hardware is stainless steel and all boom and element connections are bolted...no self tapping screws or hose clamps to fool with. The element length positions are predrilled. Just for kicks, I measured the element sections after assembly and all were exactly as shown on the simple, easy to follow, assembly manual. For the faint of heart though it should be noted that this antenna is not easy to manhandle! A crane was used to lift the approximately 100lb finished weight
beast to the top of a 70ft tower. Oh yes, I should mention the antenna seems to be very well balanced also as we picked the antenna and mast up at the boom/mast mounting bracket and it never deviated from level while being lifted by the crane. 

This is the first antenna I have ever owned that was an immediate 'hit' with the Alpha 87A. SWR levels are below what was advertised..at least here on my installation which is mounted on a 70ft Rohn 45 tower all by itself. 

Worst case SWR readings here was 1:3:1 on the CW end of 20 meters and never above 1:2:1 at any other point on the 20/15/10 meter bands! I used the center drilled holes on the driven elements but this antenna can be tuned to favor the CW or Phone ends of the bands by
utilizing either of the other predrilled driven element holes.  I should also mention this is a single feedline antenna using a patented feed system to separate full size driven elements. 

For the short time I have owned this antenna, the performance and electrical claims of the manufacturer have all been met or exceeded.

Actual on air reports and tests have been very encouraging and I don't come away with any feelings of disappointment. Now we will have to wait and see what the tests of Winter (and contesting) bring! 

73 de K1UO 


The OB12-6 arrived at the airport in one very large box. It was no problem for my pickup truck. Jay at Array Solutions had it drop shipped directly to me. It remained in my garage for the next several weeks while the tower was completed. I unpacked it on a Saturday afternoon and assembled the boom – three-inch square aluminum. The splice joints on the boom sections are aluminum bar with heavy stainless nuts bolts and washers.


The quality of this antenna immediately became apparent as assembly progressed. There are many subassemblies already put together (what a delight). The boom section was marked for each of the twelve elements, no measuring. Every piece of hardware is stainless steel right down to the turnbuckles on the boom truss. Nylock stainless steel nuts are use throughout. The assembly was done in about a day – not bad for an antenna this big and complex.


I never used a file, drill, saw, tap or reamer. The fit and finish was flawless and I didn’t have to struggle with any part of the assembly. Tom (DF2BlueOcean) is really a master electro-mechanical designer / builder.


I placed the antenna at twenty-five meters elevation on the tower. On the air has been very remarkable. Perfect SWR better then advertised. The antennas been up only a few days but it’s pointing, front-to-back and side, seem excellent. My last large beam (KT34XA) never seemed to get that quite right. So far this has been a very positive and impressive experience and congratulations to OptiBeam and Array Solutions for outstanding quality and service.







An Optibeam is.....................Antenna-Technology

OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are optimized by use of modern computer simulation tools and checked in the field. 

Critical tests in practice including final optimizations guarantee highest electrical and mechanical performance.


An Optibeam is...............TECHNICAL QUALITIES

OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are distinguished  by the following technical qualities:

    1. Use of the new "direct coupled feed system" * 
    2. Each band has its own, fully resonant driven element 
    3. Special order in the placement of the elements 
    4. Use of full-size elements only. 

* protected by patent



An Optibeam is.................Electrical Properties

Optimal performance is achieved by the following electrical properties:

  1. Highest efficiency

  2. Optimum band coverage which means nearly constant gain, and pattern and low VSWR.

  3. Direct 50 Ohms at the feedpoint with all driven elements fed using a single feedline.

  4. Constancy of the characteristics under all weather-conditions

  5. High power handling capable

  6. Choice of high power Baluns

  7. Real RF Insulators large RF conductors, excellent machined parts which allow perfect electrical contact over time.


An Optibeam is ..............Mechanical Quality throughout

OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are furthermore distinguish by the following mechanical qualities:

  1. Specially configured, stable and German machined element brackets with real RF insulators

  2. Slender but strong and stable square-booms

  3. Perfectly fitting element sections and the use of stainless steel hardware

  4. Clamps of highest quality, value,  and machining excellence.

An Optibeam is................Physical Properties

By these technical qualities special physical properties are achieved:

  1. High stability of the entire system 

  2. Elements perfectly aligned and secured against twisting

  3. Minimal element droop

  4. They just plain look great!  Even your neighbor may like it!

An Optibeam is:...........Avoiding disadvantages of other antenna systems

OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas avoids the disadvantages of other common multi-band antenna systems:

Trap antennas have losses, noticeable reduced band coverage, reduction of efficiency over the years and limited power-handling capabilities.

Log-Periodic antennas  - acceptable gain is only achieved on longer booms and unwanted harmonics are radiated.

Quads and other wire antennas tend to have losses because of their thin wire elements and they don't show an optimum band coverage. 

Antennas with “open” feed-systems don’t show full band coverage concerning constant gain, unchanging radiation-pattern and low SWR and furthermore don’t have optimum efficiency. They can also be very difficult to tune on all bands.

Gain figures

Gain figures for OptiBeam Multiband Antennas are by means of NEC code software the calculated values have been verified and therefore don't represent exaggeration at all. They don't have too.

Because of the design, the low loss feed system, and the attention to detail gain figures quoted are realized equal to that of  mono-banders of equivalent size.


The assembly of OptiBeam multi-band antennas is done easily and quickly due to specially pre-worked and pre-assembled parts.

OptiBeam multi-band antennas are reliable, strong, and will put a smile on the face of the most demanding ham.  

Get the best antenna for your money!

  !!!  Q u a l i t y   m a d e   i n    G e r m a n y  !!!