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Ten Tec Orion Radio - Automatic Antenna Selector System





The LC/RD is the perfect product for supporting the band data interface of the Ten-Tec Orion Transceiver.

 The product includes

bulletOne Automatic  Level Converter/Relay Driver (LC/RD) box
bulletOne Orion band data cable
bulletOne RatPak Remote Antenna Switch and Manual Controller with AUTO/Manual control.

 * products can be purchased separately

Features include  

bullet12 Inputs and outputs can be sinking or sourcing, sink inputs for the Orion - All Orion outputs are usable with this product
bulletOutputs voltages are driven by relays to allow either + or voltage up to 50V DC or AC which is be placed on the common armature terminal.
bulletThis allows the outputs to be driven outside to the tower for very long distances as well as supplying isolation between inputs and outputs in case of lightning surges. 
bulletUsing relays is far superior to the bare transistor drivers in your radio, and will protect these devices from possible damage due to surges.
bulletTerminal strip inputs and outputs allow easy wire terminations for your devices.  Use it as a convenient junction box for cables going to your bandpass filters, antenna switches, and other specialized devices.
bulletLow current relay inputs allow the Ten Tec Orion to drive it easily.
bulletSmall size approximately 5X5 inches.

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