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Shared Apex Loop Arrays



AS-SAL-30 best for VLF, MW, 160/80/40 meter bands


How well does it work?

You Tube Videos of the Shared Apex Loops in operation -



Dayton 2014 Antenna Forum Presentation by Mark Bauman, KB7GF and inventor of the Shared Apex Loop



Introducing the Shared Apex Loop ArrayTM!

Now, you have a new interference fighting weapon in your receiving arsenal.

The Shared Apex Loop ArrayTM is a revolutionary receiving antenna that will

change the way that you listen to the radio! The patented design provides

performance in a size and over a range of frequencies that will please both the

rag-chewer and DXer alike.

The antenna is a true-time-delay array with four identical wire loops supported

by a single non-conductive mast. Signals from each loop are transferred

through a ferrite coupler to a short balanced line that connects to the switch/

combiner/amp enclosure mounted at the base of the antenna. Within this

enclosure, signals from each loop are routed either directly to a combiner or

through a delay line and then to the combiner, where they are amplified by a

dual stage balanced broadband amplifier and sent out to the feedline to the

controller located in the shack. The controller connects directly to your

receiver, and sends power and control signals over the feedline to the antenna.

Three models to chose from


AS-SAL-20 - optimized  for VLF, BCB, Low Band DXing, and shortwave to 15MHz, 24 foot tall andj approximately 40 foot footprint


AS-SAL-12- optimized for BCB, and 3-30MHz , 16 feet tall, and approximately 28 foot footprint


AS-SAL-30 - optimized for VLF, BCB, 160/80/40m Dxing


NEW Cross Coupled SAL Experimental High RDF video is on line

The new CC-SAL Part 3 video is now available: see Experimental Cross Coupled Shared Apex Loop Antenna (Part 3)



"Shared Apex Loop Array: A Wideband Directional Receiving Antenna for 500 KHz - 30 MHz"

Effective communication on the LW, MW, and SW bands requires more than just a careful ear. You need the right gear to navigate through the jungle of interference that can be as close as your computer, or as distant as a thunderstorm on the other side of the globe. Interference, though isn't just a challenge for DX'ers - it's a challenge for net operators, rag chewers and county hunters too, military operations - in other words, it is a challenge to all of us!

We have developed a new type of receiving antenna that delivers exceptional directivity in a small package and is useable over a wide range of frequencies without need for adjustment. This new antenna is called the Shared Apex Loop Array antenna and it opens the door to a new class of compact, high performance, wideband receiving antennas developed for both amateur and professional users.

The antenna operates on the true-time-delay principle rather than the more traditional phased array methods. This method of operation enables outstanding bandwidth. For example, a 18 foot tall, 18 foot radius array can provide outstanding front-to-side and good front-to-back performance for continuous frequency coverage below 500 KHz to 16 MHz with good sensitivity above 1.8 MHz! A 10 foot tall, ten foot radius array provides continuous frequency coverage between 500 KHz to 22 MHz with good sensitivity above 5 MHz.

The patented and additional patent pending designs provides the following benefits:
bulletCompact Size, light weight
bulletWideband operation without need for adjustment
bulletGround independent operation
bulletOutstanding front-to-side ratio
bulletEase of Construction, and simple single feed line control for data and RF
bulletModular design
bulletPortability for DX-peditions, quick deploy operations, field day operations, emergency operations
bulletEasily remote controlled with the Shacklan - 4 USB interface to your PC or a Ethernet Everywhere device.

Handout download, pdf file


Presentation Notebook,  pdf file


QEX OCT 2012 Article - pdf file, with permission from QEX and ARRL


Videos and other technical info


Frequently Asked Questions


Manual  REV 1.12


Firmware upgrade procedure, Uploader software, and Hex code (compressed .rar file)


Join the Shared Apex Loop Yahoo Group  http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/sharedapexloop/conversations/topics


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Download Shared Apex Loop Software for onsite or remote operation (SharedApex.exe)


How the front panel is made why do you care?  Because It's cool!

                   http://www.hamation.com/SAL_CNC.mp4   and http://www.hamation.com/SAL_Laser.mp4




Mast, Wire Loops, transmission lines and loop coupler, ropes, guy points and stakes are supplied.

The only thing that is not is the RG-6 cable and connectors.

  Shared Apex Switch - Remotely Switches Loops and processes signals

bulletFour balanced loop inputs
bulletOperating Range: 100 KHz - 30 MHz
bulletGroup Delay Matching (+/- 1 nsec) between ports from 1 - 20 MHz
bulletVery low noise dual differential pre-amp (open socket design)
bulletNow delivered with a High Pass AM Broadcast Band Filter, older models can be upgraded easily.  and more gain too.
bulletDelay Line Ports 75 ohm (F-type connectors)
bulletSingle Feed line to Controller F-type. Power/Data/Signal shared on single cable   


The controller features:


8 direction rotation either direction


Flip for instantly seeing the front/back ratio


Bi-direction to beam in two directions at once


Single 75 ohm feed line operation, no control cable


Controllable from the 4 wire ShackLan interface for remote operation from your PC or a USB/Ethernet direct box


Compact in size, 4" wide X 5" deep X 2" tall











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