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SB-1000 Link-All-3.0 USB Radio Interface


bulletConnects your computer with USB port.
bulletUSB to UART bridge by CP2102 single chip. USB 2.0 compliant. Full speed.
bulletCAT, CI/V controller and audio transformer are combined together. Switch DTR/RTS, PTT/CW on the front panel to avoid conflict
bulletComplete isolation between computer and radio station.
bulletOptical isolation used for digital signal.
bulletAudio signal isolated by1:1 transformer. It has internal static isolation. Excellent EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)
bulletOperated by computer USB power.
bulletNo external power supply needed.
bulletVery compact size, easy to carry.
bulletSupply with full accessories. USB, CAT or CI/V, Data and audio cables.
bulletRadio Cables are available for easy installation


SB-1000 links your radio transceiver with the computer.

bulletControl radio operation via CAT, CI/V.
bulletOperate RTTY, PSK31, SSTV, FAX, etc. digital mode.
bulletTransmit and receive CW.
bulletSupport ECHOLINK to control remote station.
bulletRecord your SSB voice session.
bulletEasy switching DTR/RTS on the front panel.
bulletSupport FSK operation.

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SB-1000 user manual

Driver for Windows Vista, XP and 2000