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Thrust Bearing

                              Plate and Bearing for 2 inch Hot dipped galvanized masts

bullet2 inch and 2 15/16 inch bearings for 2 inch and 2 7/8 inch masts
bulletUse for thrust bearing on top of towers and intermediate bearing for large masts
bulletSelf Aliening and come with grease fittings
bullet2 bolt hole for 2 inch and 4 bolt hole for 2 7/8 inch bearings

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Care and maintenance of these thrust bearings

These bearings are pre-lubed from the factory to perform perfectly in 24/7 run high speed equipment.  For amateur use please read the following.

1.      You will probably never ever need to lube them.

2.      If you do lube them in the future do not put so much grease in them that the grease flows out of the seal.  You will load up the bearing race and the bearing will become hard to turn.

The only thing that you may wish to do to these bearing is to clean them well with a good degreaser or gasoline, and then spray paint them with several coats of cold galvanizing pint.  Or you favorite weather proof paint like Red Rust-o-leam  This will keep surface rust from forming.  You may touch them up once a year.