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OptiBeam's flagship: The OB21-3. Twenty-one elements tribander for 10/15/20 m.
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What is an OptiBeam?

An Optibeam is.....................Antenna-Technology


OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are optimized by use of modern computer simulation tools and checked in the field. 

Critical tests in practice including final optimizations guarantee highest electrical and mechanical performance.

An Optibeam is...............Technical Qualities

OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are distinguished  by the following technical qualities:

    1. Use of the new "direct coupled feed system" * 
    2. Each band has its own, fully resonant driven element 
    3. Special order in the placement of the elements 
    4. Use of full-size elements only. 

* protected by patent

An Optibeam is:...........Electrical Properties

An Optibeam is:...........Mechaniocal Quality Throughout

Optimal performance is achieved by the following electrical properties:

  • Highest efficiency
  • Optimum band coverage which means nearly constant gain, and pattern and low VSWR.
  • Direct 50 Ohms at the feedpoint with all driven elements fed using a single feedline.
  • Constancy of the characteristics under all weather-conditions
  • High power handling capable
  • Choice of high power Baluns
  • Real RF Insulators large RF conductors, excellent machined parts which allow perfect electrical contact over time.


OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are furthermore distinguish by the following mechanical qualities:

  • Specially configured, stable and German machined element brackets with real RF insulators
  • Slender but strong and stable square-booms
  • Perfectly fitting element sections and the use of stainless steel hardware
  • Clamps of highest quality, value,  and machining excellence.

An Optibeam is................Physical Properties

By these technical qualities special physical properties are achieved:

  • High stability of the entire system 
  • Elements perfectly aligned and secured against twisting
  • Minimal element droop
  • They just plain look great!  Even your neighbor may like it!



OptiBeam's Multiband-Antennas avoid the disadvantages of other common multi-band antenna systems:

  • Trap antennas have losses, noticeable reduced band coverage, reduction of efficiency over the years and limited power-handling capabilities.
  • Log-Periodic antennas: Acceptable gain is only achieved on longer booms and unwanted harmonics are radiated.
  • Quads and other wire antennas tend to have losses because of their thin wire elements and they don't show an optimum band coverage. 
  • Antennas with “open” feed-systems don’t show full band coverage concerning constant gain, unchanging radiation-pattern and low SWR and furthermore don’t have optimum efficiency. They can also be very difficult to tune on all bands.
  • Gain figures: Gain figures for OptiBeam Multiband Antennas are by means of NEC code software the calculated values have been verified and therefore don't represent exaggeration at all. There is no need to do so.
  • Because of the design, the low loss feed system and the attention to detail, gain figures quoted are realized equal to that of monobanders of equivalent size.



The assembly of OptiBeam multi-band antennas is done easily and quickly due to specially pre-worked and pre-assembled parts.

OptiBeam multi-band antennas are reliable, strong, and will put a smile on the face of the most demanding ham.  

Get the best antenna for your money!

  !!!  Q u a l i t y   m a d e   i n    G e r m a n y  !!!

K2YU's Optibeam Antenna System
  • Hidden Sleeve Technique
  • Including in one antenna 80, 40, and 30m or even a combination 40 +30m Antennas!
  • Absolutely the highest performance development "Hidden Sleeve" allows up to 6 bands on one antenna and one feedline
  • Below is the latest example of the hidden sleeve antennas. The OB13-6  40/20/17/15/12/10 meters on one boom and one coaxial feedline
  • The OB11-5 and the OB16-5 also take advantage of this new development. All of the elements are perfectly placed on the boom.
Larry, K1UO on his OB16-3:
Dave, WB1S on his OB12-6

WB5TVI's OB9-5
N5YA (left) and WX0B finishing the OB9-5 installation.


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