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Why Do I need a VHQ HEX

Most often, the failure of the hex beam as seen in the pictures on this web site, are caused by
High winds and ice or snow.  The Achille’s heel of the hex beam is the center post which takes all the stress from the arms of the hex beam.

Once the center post begins to fail and bend (this is caused by uneven loading of snow and ice which dramatically changes the dynamics of the center post) the Hex beam looses it’s integrity and bends resulting in over tensioning the spreader arms and snapping them.

The VHQ HEX BEAM addressed this problem and now offers a Hex beam that will not fail.  The VHQ has a Heavy Duty Center post with a solid core attachment that has a breaking strength of 15,000 lbs. and heavy duty billet aluminum attachment hubs  That’s why all our machined parts have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


How It Works

The VHQHEX can be purchased with all the parts you need to assemble a complete Hexbeam. All our parts are made with the finest components available,
including stainless steel fittings and 12 gauge wire for longer life and extended 
bandwidth.  Your hexbeam will have lower SWR and a stronger signal using 
thicker stranded copper wire.  All support cord connections are HEAVY DUTY 


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