• FM-6-Filter Master - Matrix System. Selects six band pass filters of your choice.

The Array Solutions FM-6 is a high quality 50 ohm strip line design RF matrix with very high isolation between the filter ports. Using the available double shielded cables, a set of 6 W3NQN bandpass filters can be easily configured externally with the FM-6. They can be bound together with hook and loop fastening tape into a compact package. The beauty of this set up is if you have a filter failure, it can be quickly replaced with another mono-band filter section or bypassed temporarily.  

Also you can mix an match filters from any manufacturer like our Array Solutions line of economical band pass filters. A set of two FM-6s filter systems is the highest level of isolation between filters possible. And the reliable W3NQN filters are the most robust and best performing filters on the market. You can also use the less expensive Array Solutions AS-### series of monoband filters to create an efficient and cost-effective switching filter system with the FM-6

  • We also offer the COAX-12, which is a set of 12 double shielded coax cables to properly connect your filters to the FM-6
  • To make it even easier we have set up various combination packages on the shopping cart.
  • FM-6-NQN  - includes the FM-6, COAX-12, and 160/80/40/20/15/10m W3NQN mono-band filters
  • To control the FM-6 from a band decoder, you need to source +12 V DC per band. If no band is active in the FM-6, it is in bypass and will allow operation on any frequency, 1.8 to 54 MHz.
Views of the FM-6. 

FM-6 Specifications

  • SWR from DC to 30 MHz less than 1.1:1
  • Insertion loss DC to 30 MHz less than 0.1 dB
  • Relays 12 V DC 20 mA - 4 A contacts small signal relay hermetically sealed gold contacts
  • Isolation between filter sections over 110 dB, we can't measure it since unused sections are grounded
  • Power rating 250 W continuous @ 30 MHz
  • Control connector DB-9 and it is supplied with a 5 foot control cable
  • 50 ohm micro-strip design on G10 solder masked protected double sided board 
  • Connectors are silver plated SO-239 and Teflon insulators 
  • We can supply this unit with 12 matching double shielded high quality coaxial cables. This is important for high isolation.
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FM-6-Filter Master - Matrix System. Selects six band pass filters of your choice.

  • $185.00

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