Optibeam Price Estimation Guidelines

Optibeam Price Estimation Guidelines


Note: all OptiBeam Prices subject to change with the Euro, with the dollar/Euro ratio fluctuation it is not possible to give an accurate 

price on our website.  Hence you must estimate the price from the OptiBeam website as follows:

Go to www.optibeam.de and get the Euro Price for your antenna model. Then divide it by 1.19 to get the Euro Price without 

VAT added.  Now multiply this price by the current Euro to Dollar conversion bank rate + 0.04. http://www.xe.com/

(The 0.04 is added to cover the fees that banks charge for relatively small transactions like these. The rate on XE.com is 

the inter-bank rate).

For example, the OB11-5 is currently priced* at 1699 EURO and we will assume that the bank rate (as shown on XE.com) for 

the # of dollars per EURO is $1.31.

So, as in the description above, we do the following:

1699 / 1.19 = 1428 EURO (without the 19% VAT)

The EURO to dollar rate is the calculated as follows:

1.31+.04 = $1.35 per EURO

1428 EURO x $1.35 = $1928

$1928 would be the price for the OB11-5 in U.S. Dollars

This is a very good estimate of the price.

Shipping: All antennas are shipped direct from Germany and the shipping is not inexpensive although we now have arranged for Shipping, Customs, and Delivery to your home through UPS Freight Services. This means that you do not have to go to any airport cargo warehouse to retrieve your antenna. 

Shipping from Germany to the U.S., clearance through U.S. Customs, and then delivery to you will be estimated when you purchase your antenna. Shipping can range from about $200 for the smallest antennas to over $1,000 for the largest antennas.

Customs clearance costs are usually from $100 to $150.

So, if our shipping cost was $350, and say $110 for customs, the total cost for an OB11-5 would be:

$1928 + $350 +$110 = $2388

This is a delivered-to-your-door price, you no longer have to go to an airport cargo area to pick up your Optibeam antenna.

 Please call or email with any questions.

* This estimate calculation was done using figures valid on August 31, 2010.