Hi Jay

Finally got to use the Stack Match that I bought at Dayton. I've stacked 3 C3's on a 100' tower. The top one is at 112' and is a C3, the middle is a C3E at 74' and the lower is a C3E at 36'. The lower two are fixed on EU for the winter. In the spring, if this stuff survives, I plan to rotate the middle C3E. Also on the tower is a 2 ele Cushcraft on 40 and 13 ele on 2 mtrs and 5 ele on 6 mtrs.

We had a minor glitch with the relay box. In my haste to get this stuff up, I didn't check it before we put it on the tower, and it bit us in the ass. When we hooked up the top 2 antennas, we could not get anything to work on position 3. We suspected a bad piece of coax (since I made them) but moving the coax to position 1 enabled the top antenna to work. After taking the box apart on the tower and verifying the wiring (which I also did), we could not find anything wrong. N8NR (the guy on the tower), decided to take it down and test it in the shack with a short piece of rotor cable. Again, nothing on pos. 3. We took the circuit board out of the relay box and ohmed the relays. Just as Bob was about to put the board back together, he spotted 2 connections on relay 3 that were thru the board but not soldered. 

A quick touch with the soldering iron fixed the problem and the rest of the installation went without a hitch. The only other gotcha was the knob came with no set screw. A trip to my local radio shack remedied that with a nicer knob.

Preliminary testing shows about 1 S unit improvement with all 3 antennas selected and pointing at EU. Should be good for at least 10 more Q's per contest. Looking forward to SS CW to give them a try. 

Here's a pix for your file.

I've had good luck with the C3's. SWR curves appear to be good on all bands, both individually and when fed together. I do have a bit of interaction with my 80 meter dipole and the middle beam - will have to relocate the dipole. I just put the C3's together according to the manual and stuck them up. I doubt that I've got much gain but do have some versatility now. On some sigs out of EU, I can see about 1 S unit increase when I feed all three, and there are some differences when you switch thru the different combinations. I'll know more after a contest or two. You probably can't get real gain out of small tribanders that far apart. When I get some time I'll see if I can gin up some graphs.


Steve, N8BJQ  

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