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The BIG BOY line of rotators is the latest generation of antenna rotators using advanced worm gear design technology, computer control and 100% solid state components. From the commercial and amateur overseas market comes a professional line of commercial rotators designed to perform under tremendous stress and abnormally heavy antenna loads of up 81 sq.ft. (perfect for those 80 meter beams, big boom log periodic arrays, large stacked arrays or turning a full rotating tower). Using nickel chromium molybdenum hardened steel alloy BIG BOY rotators have incredible torque resistance achieved by the heavy duty UL and CE rated motor and superior double worm gear design.

The Prosistel advanced worm gear design is simple yet exceptionally strong and less complicated than ANY OTHER rotator manufactured. The braking, rotating and starting torque specifications surpass ANY rotator out on the market today (see rotator comparison chart). The BIG BOY has such strength and durability that all Prosistel rotators including the military series are backed up by a two year warranty.

Make no mistake, THIS IS A COMMERCIAL GRADE ROTATOR now available to amateur radio operators at competitive prices.


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Controller Options

Pro.Sis.Tel controller                                                                                                           

Military Versions

Rotators can be ordered with custom color paint or no paint depending on your needs.
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User's Manuals Downloads:
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PST-641 and PST-2051 User Manual, click here
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To see more of the PST-2051, click here
Procedure to change the potentiometer in D models (DC Motors), click here
Procedimiento para cambiar el potenciĆ³metro en modelos D (Motores de corriente continua - DC), click aquĆ­

To download a zip file with the V3.23 software and manuals click here