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Our Users are Winners!  -  Jay Terleski - WX0B

Below are pictures and comments from users of our products. You may have heard them busting pile-ups or winning contests while enjoying their StacksMatches, SixPaks, RatPaks and other kick butt products!

CN2R - SuperStation of W7EJ - lots of Array Solutions products

PY5EG - You are not going to believe this! Don't miss it.

HK1NA - StackMatches, RatPaks, SixPaks, Phillystran, SAL-20, Hamation Wi-Fi links for SixPaks and RatPaks remote control.

W9GE - 40 m, Tribander, and WARC OptiBeam and TIC ringrotor owner 

N7ML - Mike Lamb's awesome stack of 3/3/3 on 40 m and 6 tribanders.

K3MM - Stacked KT34XAs, this guy is winning a lot of contests.

A61AJ - The Super Station of the Middle East.

6Y4A - Team Vertical in Jamaica.

ZF2RV - Cayman Island team using Verticals on 40m.

W7GG - Stacked KT34XAs and 3/3 element full size 40 m Yagis.

K1VR - Triband Stack of TH7/TH6/TH6.

KQ2M - Four-High Stacks on 10, 15, 20 m using StackMasters and an L array on 160 meters doing BIP-BOP with a StackMatch

N0AV - Jim puts out a big signal from his small lot with this stack of three TH6s

VE6JY - Don's superb contest station rivals the best.  Make sure you have a look at the amount of work he has done.

N5CQ - John has built a 200 ft rotating tower with F12 antennas, six tribanders, and three 40 m yagi stacks. Take a look at a true work of art.  Very professional.

K1TO - Did you see his SS CW first place finish in SS CW 98? Dan had a little problem with his first StackMatch.

K4ISV - On his 10 m stacks and SWR with the StackMatch

N2NU - Stackmatches on a beautiful tower

N8BJQ - C3/C3/C3 cool stack picture and comments

K1ZM - X9/X9/X9  from this very well known competitor.

W4ZV - 6/6/6 fo 10 m Broke his own WW SSB 88 record!

K5MR - 180 foot tall stacks create this big Texas Signal

N2WK - Mosley PRO 67 & 57 stack

W4MYA - Bob has some beautiful pictures of his Stack on 15m

United States Air Force  - Letter of recognition for our service and delivery.

ZX0F - 1999 M/M big operation

ON4UN - You name it, he has it from Array Solutions, and very good friend of ours. Thanks John!

N2TX - Great results stacking tribanders

K5RT - Reliability of StackMatch & TH6DXXs

N7GYD Mitch Mason's C49 Stack using a StackMatch

SM2DMU / 7S2E - Big Big Station

N6TR - K7RAT Using a 6 meter StackMatch

W0YVA - FIRST three-high SkyHawk antennas Stack

VA7VR - First to stack three TH11s - very professional

A71MA - Very nice station & big sigs from this gentleman

A71BY - Check out this unique stack on 20 meters

HC8N - SixPak and several StackMatches 

W5IZ - 200 ft rotating tower with a 5 high Stack for 10/15/20

K4ZZR - Opti-Beam on Crankup Tower

9K2KS - 20 meter 4/4/4 on his rooftop tower, StackMatch and SixPak

K1UO - OB16-3, OB7-2W and AS80V-FS vertical user

W1MU - Fixed Berthas, Optibeams, M2 beams, 6m stack, StackMatches, Ratpak, SixPak, etc etc etc

K5WA - 2003 SS LP Phone Winner - with Stacked Quads

NI1N - OptiBeam User - 40 meter OB2-40

K5UY - PowerMaster

KC8AB - OptiBeam Stack - Burning up the bands

KE5EE - Six SteppIR controlled by a StackMatch and Three Mini-StackMatches 

W5PR - SAL-30 antenna performance during the CQ 160 SSB 2017 contest.

NC3Z - See Gary's interesting QRZ.com page. You can find pics of his SAL-30 installation and comparisons at the bottom of the page

VE1ZAC - See Jeff's review on his SAL-20 Mark II receiving antenna