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Date: Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 4:03 PM
Subject: [sharedapexloop] SAL-30 in CQ 160 Phone Last Weekend
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After having my SAL-30 for a while I have learned a couple of things.  My initial evaluation was not stellar. Then I found that I was testing it in daylight and early evening.  Later in the night, I have found it to be a stellar performer. I also remembered that the beverages I used to have performed in much the same way.   

The second thing is that a choke at the antenna is a huge help.  I took 3 turns of the RG-6 through a "snap-on" type core I got from Radio Shack and it improved the signal-to-noise ratio.

In the CQ SSB Contest, I worked 44 Europeans from here in South Texas, all of which called me.  I'm sure that's a new record for me in that contest.  Once again, I never found a instance where the transmit antenna was better than the SAL-30...

Chuck W5PR