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If you are looking for a manual or other file to download, please look for any of the web pages of  the specific item, links to downloads are there.

Some of the items web pages contain links to the item's general and additional information web pages. Links to files' downloads can be found on these information pages as well.

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AS-AC15 Power Line Filter

AIM 4300 Manual
AIM 4300 Quick Start Guide



AS-302 and AS-303 Coaxial Cable Surge Arrestors Manual

AS-309H Open Wire Transmission Line Surge Arrestor Manual

AS-8SP/12SP/16SP Control Wires Surge Arrestors Manual


AS-AYL-4WM Antenna System

AS-OCF Dipole

AS-RA-S1 RotatorController Manual

  AS-SAL Antenna Manual for all AS-SAL models


  Baluns - Array Solutions balun manual
  Bandmaster III Manual

Bandmaster IV Manual 

Band decoders software (BandMaster III, Bandmaster IV and RatMaster, etc)

  Bias-T Master Manual

Bias-T Plus Manual


DU800T - HA8DU Tuner User's Manual

DU1500L - HA8DU Tuner User's Manual

DU1500T - HA8DU Tuner User's Manual

DU3000 - HA8DU Tuner User's Manual

DU3500AL - HA8DU Automatic Antenna Tuner User's Manual

  Dual Feedline Option for StackMaster or StackMatch

Eight Pak Manual

FilterMax IV

  FM-6 User's Guide
  Four Square Array Manual (pdf)

OM Power OM-2000+ Tuning Procedure

OM Power OM-2500A Tuning Procedure

OM Power OM-2500HF Tuning Procedure

Phase Shifter - 180 degrees & WIDEBAND


  PowerMaster II for SO2R
  PowerMaster Hardware Manual
  PowerMaster VHF and UHF Coupler Manual
  PowerMaster ALC-1 (pdf) 


Prosistel Rotator User's Manual PST 51,61,71 AC Motors (pdf)

Prosistel Rotator User's Manual for B controller box

Prosistel Rotator User's Manual PST 641D, 2051D, 61D,61DHD,71D DC Motors (pdf) REV 1.7

  Prosistel Rotator User's Manual D Elevation Systems (pdf)


Prosistel Installation guide for PST-61 & PST-71 Rotor Plates

  Prosistel - replacing a potentiometer procedure AC Motor models B and C

Prosistel - replacing a potentiometer procedure D Model ( DC motor)


Prosistel - procedimiento para cambiar el potenciómetro en modelos D (Motor Corriente Continua - DC)

  Prosistel - Transformer tap settings for the D controller


RAM-34 RX Preamplifier System for Low Bands


RatMaster Manual

RatMaster Manual en Español

  RATPak Users Guide
  RATPak for 8,9,10, or 12 Antennas (pdf)
  Side Mount User's Manual
  SixPak Manual
  StackMaster Manual
  StackMatch Manual

StackMatch II User's Guide (pdf)

StackMatch-II Push Button Controller User's Manual

  StackMatch for Verticals User's Guide
  Surge Arrestor Manual for control Lines
  Surge Arrestor manual for Coaxial cables
  SWSD-1 Beverage Antenna Manual
  TB-2 Bearing

Triangle - Three Element Vertical Array User's Guide





W9AD type Multi-band Two Element Array User's guide




  Software downloads - Back panel will have the software revision number for your controller There are no upgrades, both versions are current.  Load on your C drive and unzip.  Read the pdf files to install Version  or   Version