KE5EE - Six SteppIR antennas controlled by a StackMatch and three Mini-StackMatches.

This is the "one of a kind", 6 SteppIR yagis stack, in a triple-dual stack configuration. Top antenna at 185 feet. Bottom at 35 feet on the 200 foot rotating tower. 

This arrangement is designed for maximum gain for 10m, 12m, 15m and 17m., but we are experiencing amazing gain for 20 m, as a bonus. (other 40 m and 30 m stacks going up soon along with a 2 element 60 m yagi). There are 18 active elements on each of the bands. Each dual stack can be switched in any configuration, Top stack, middle stack, bottom stack via a 3 way stack match designed by Array Solutions. Matching between the pairs is done by Array Solutions Mini-Stack matches at 165 feet, 105 feet and 45 feet. The array is feed underground from the radio shack with Andrew AVA-7-50, 1-5/8" hard line to the StackMatch via a rotor loop of Andrew FSJ4-50 coax, then up the tower with LMR-600 to the three mini stack matches, and then feed to each Yagi via Andrew FSJ-4 superflex coax.

The 6 stack is amazing....  works incredibly well on all bands 10m thru 17 and including 20M.  on several occasions I have broken EU pile ups with 8Q7SP and VU7MS  Lakshadweep is... and surprised them with NA calling. They stood by for other NA stations at the time and NA was calling but they could'nt even hear any of them. this stack opens and closes the bands, hihi. Thanks for the input several years ago. I spaced them as you calculated about 30 feet apart. It is a kick-ass array. SWR 1.02:1, hihi. Thanks for the stack match set up, it is working well.  :-)


I will be adding the Array Solutions 6 control cable surge protection units to the SteppIR control panel once they arrive here.


The surge protectors (AS-12SP) for the control cables of his stack. The before above and the after below:

Close-up view of the six AS-12SP, each one can protect up to 12 control wires, there are versions for 8 and 16 wires (AS-8SP and AS-16SP).