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Sent: Monday, November 02, 1998 8:04 PM
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Subject: Testimonial

Hi Jay,

"As a first-time StackMatch owner, I was a bit dismayed to see no LEDs lighting up and no difference between switch positions when 
I first installed it on my 20 Meter 4/4 stack. 

Jay urged me to send it back, citing a very low failure rate and a strong desire to see what the failure mode was. The day it arrived, only 8 days away from CQWW SSB when Jay would be traveling to V2, he already had it diagnosed. 

Bad news for me, living in the lightning capital of the world. Before I ever had a chance to test it, lightning had struck. However, the 
MOVs did their job and protected the box from further damage. This QCAO failed to even notice the pits around the grommet hole where the control cable entered the box, let alone the several inches of missing copper trace on the board!

Jay considered this to be a warranty fix (!), repaired it, and sent it back the next day. How's that for FB service?!

73, Dan, K1TO/4, near Sarasota, FL (k1to@aol.com)"

Despite being on for only a few hours, I was real encouraged by a number of things during the SSB weekend. Hope it translates into
good things down the road!

73, Dan