StackMatch and SixPak User K5RT - "Radio Texas"


K5RT (who is a member of the ArraySolutions "Brain Trust") has been using a StackMatch since 1994. As far as we know, Paul was the first to try it with tri-banders. His StackMatch is S/N 002 and is still playing! "Lots of QSO's through it and it does make a difference!"

Paul's antenna farm (as shown):
100 ft Rohn 25
(both turned with T2X)
TH6DXX@63' fixed NE
Paul has since added a third TH6DXX at 33' for that three antenna

The Stackmatch is mounted on the tower at about 80 ft for the TH6DXX stack

This station has placed in the top 10 in SS and various DX contests.

Paul also uses a WX0B SixPak in this shack.