• AIM-4300 - Antenna Analyzer, 5 kHz to 300 MHz.

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AIM-4300 - Antenna Analyzer, 5 kHz to 300 MHz. With US 120 V AC power supply.

Includes calibration load set, USB A/Mini B cable and DC power cord. SO-239 connector is standard.

You are not charged until your analyzer ships.

The AIM 4300 antenna analyzer is the latest upgrade from the very popular AIM 4170D. It adds higher frequency range and faster graphing capability.  It includes all the same features as the AIM 4170D 

It  measures the complex impedance (magnitude and phase) at each frequency of interest in the range of 5 kHz to 300 MHz. A PC is used to calculate all RF parameters, including R +/-jX, Magnitude and Phase, SWR, Return Loss, TL loss, and more and plot the results in an easy to read graph and interactive Smith Chart.

The test frequency is generated digitally and bandpass filters are used to reject stray signals (like broadcast stations) that are more than a few KHz from the operating frequency. A 12 bit analog to digital converter digitizes the raw data. This avoids non-linearities associated with diode detectors, and results in very good dynamic range and linearity for accurate magnitude and phase measurements.

Impedance measurements can range up to 10.000 ohms. The true phase angle is measured, so inductive or capacitive reactance can be determined without ambiguity.

The RF generator can also be used as a signal source for testing receivers. The frequency is very stable and it can be calibrated to WWV.

The digitized data is sent to the PC via the USB port. Power for the analyzer can be obtained from a small DC power supply or a battery. With a laptop computer, the unit is quite portable and it can even be mounted up on a tower at the antenna feed point if desired, with power being supplied through the USB cable.

The impedance at the antenna itself can be read with the AIM 4300 located in the shack at the receiving/transmitting end of the coax. The cable can be any length. The cable's impedance and loss characteristics are determined by a simple calibration procedure and the antenna's impedance is plotted directly during the scan.



  • High quality inside and out
  • There are no internal adjustments for calibration    
  • Calibrates easily yourself to NIST standards
  • The 4300D covers 5 kHz to 300 MHz

Some of the RF parameters that are calculated include the following:

  • SWR referenced to any impedance
  • Resistance and reactance at the cable input
  • Resistance and reactance at the antenna terminals
  • Resistance and reactance of discrete components
  • Return loss
  • Reflection coefficient
  • Cable length
  • Cable impedance
  • Cable loss
  • Distance to fault (open or short)
  • Smith chart display
  • Quartz crystal parameters
  • TDR to 1000 Meters (3280 ft)
  • Can be used Wirelessly (View Application note) 

AIM Manual    AIM Quick Start Guide

Resultant Plot of the TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) function.
The AIM-4300 can be used with a Windows tablet.

Download version AIM_910B software for the AIM-4300, click here

Do not use AIM_916 on AIM4300.

Plot of a 225 MHz dipole antenna.
Plot of an LMR 400 coaxial cable terminated with a 200 ohm load.
Example of a Smith Chart plot format.
AIM series Menu Tree

AIM shown in its Pro-Case (Case and battery and its charger not included, order separately)
Testimonial from a happy AIM 4300 user:

On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 10:26 AM, Chris Hallinan <challinan@gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks for shipping my AIM 4300 promptly.  I wanted to share my experiences.  I just now found time to get the unit out and set it up.  I downloaded the software from W5BIG and unzipped it onto my hard drive.  I powered up the unit, connected it, launched the software, and ran the calibration procedure.  I was expecting a huge learning curve, but to my absolute delight, all of the setup and calibration went flawlessly.  

Then I scanned a new 6-meter antenna containing a coax matching stub, and it worked great!  From opening the box to my first scan took about 15 minutes!!

I am happy with the 4300, and look forward to learning way more than I ever have about antennas and transmission lines. Don't know why I waited so long to purchase an antenna analyzer.  By the way, this is the first one I've ever purchased.

I'm not in the habit of writing e-mails like this, just wanted to let you guys know this is the best few hundred dollars I've ever spent in 40-something years in ham radio!!





AIM-4300 - Antenna Analyzer, 5 kHz to 300 MHz.

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