Hofi Lightning Arrestors

Hofi-Technik, GmbH and Company - Premium Coaxial Surge Arrestors 

Model 7756, a MIL specification arrestor
Models for Commercial and Amateur Radio Installations

Do you want to buy the best Lightning arrestors made?

We are proud to introduce to you an arrestor that meets and or exceeds all US standards for Lightning arrestors.  And they produce Military Specification units as well. German Engineering to the most demanding degree. The Hofi-Technik, GmbH & Company is known for it's quality.  We are bringing this technology to the North American Market.

Specifications are in this document, we apologize it is German but you will be able to recognize the specifications: http://www.arraysolutions.com/images/1_Ueberspannungsableiter.pdf

Temperature range: -40ºC to +100ºC     (-40ºF to +212ºF)
Temperature-shock: MIL-Standard-202, Method 107 F, Condition B
Vibration: MIL-Standard-202, Method 204 F, Condition D
Material: Exterior: CuZn 39Pb3. Interior: CuBe2. Insulator: PTFE. Seal: NBR
External Surface: Ni, Ag.
GDT Voltage Rating: 90, 150, 230, 350, 470, 600, 800, 1000, 1400 V
Current Rating: 5, 10, 20 kA (8 µs)
Models and Ratings
Model                           Description                                        Rating 2:1 VSWR 
LP1101-2800*                M-F ground lug PL259/SO239             3600 W                             
LP1103-2800                 F-F ground lug SO239                         3600 W                             
LP1104-2800                 F-F Bulkhead SO239                          3600 W                            
LP2201-2800*                M-F ground lug type-N                        3600 W                    
LP2203-2800                 F-F ground lug type-N                         3600 W                    
LP2204-2800                 F-F Bulkhead type-N                           3600 W                          
LP2251-5312                 M-F Bulkhead type-N Mil Spec             5625 W                     
LP7756.5402                 7/16DIN F-F Bulkhead Mil Spec           10 kW +   
The new LP1101-2800 (PL259/SO-239) and LP2201-2800 / LP2251-5312 (N-type) Male to Female arrestors are ultra-easy to install at the end of your existing coaxial cable. No jumpers needed - just install the arrestor, add a grounding conductor and you're finished!
Gas Discharge Tube Replacements:
UA0600.37   for 6.4 kW units, rating 600 V
UA0800.28   for 10 kW  units, rating 800 V
Return Loss (S11) Plot.