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Here is what Jeff is up to:  X9/X9/X9

Hi Jay
Well, the three-stack produces more incoming signal level with the three antennas combined than the upper antenna alone - typically 2-3 dB as perceived on an FT1000 S-meter. I see this on all three bands 20/15 and 10 Meters. I haven't really tried it in a contest yet but will do so during CQWW SSB next month. I had to sort out a phasing transposition error first which took several weeks as Cushcraft manufactured one of the 4/1 baluns differently than the other two. There was a wiring transposition on one of the 4/1 baluns that was causing the upper antenna to be 180 degrees out of phase. I fixed that problem and BINGO - the three-stack started (finally) to outperform the upper antenna alone. What a bummer it was finding that one. Anyway, now it is working and I am pleased so far - you have a nice box - I like it!

I have suffered on 20 and 15M in major Dx contest work with a single X9 Jay - so I am hoping the three stack of X9's helps me compete more favorably with the guys with two stacks of true monobanders - eg: 120/60 feet on 20M and 100/50 feet on 15M.
The X9 by itself was always very competitive on 10M - but there too I am hoping a three stack plays even better.
As far as SWR goes, the system produces better than 1.4/1 SWR in all switch settings over the contest segments of the bands (both CW and SSB). The LOWEST SWR - nearly 1/1, occurs when using all three antennas together on all the three bands 20-10.
That's all I can tell you for now.

Give me an adr and I will send some hardcopy pix (all I have) this week.

Tks again.