StackMatch User K4ISV

Bud posted this on Towertalk.  He since has purchased a few more StackMatches and a SixPak.

From: Bud <k4isv@westky.com>
To: towertalk
Subject: 10M stack
Date: Sunday, August 30, 1998 1:42 AM

I was up and down towers today to my max... got to be crazy to keep doing this!

Latest project was completed today... 10M stack - 6/6/6 @ 50ft/85/120ft... bottom two fixed on South America and top rotates... using the WX0B stackmatch.... initial testing ( only couple of hours) shows the ALL config. best ... why do we switch these things??

Since STACKS have been a subject here Im wondering how this one looks to those using modeling programs??? The top one at 120 ft ran second today to any of the other combinations ( it is at 120 ft because that is where the 10M tower stops... the bottom one is at 50 feet because that is just a bit above a set of guys... put the middle one in the middle, hi)... As you can see i give a lot of SERIOUS thought to these projects!

Only mention that if you have not used the WX0B StackMatch you should give it a try. Absolutely great match... Each antenna is resonate at 28.5 with SWR of 1.1 : 1  No combination is above 1.2 and the amplifier likes what it sees with any  combination...

Sure hope to find a bunch of LU,PY,CX stations in CQWW--

Hope everyone had as much fun today as i did...

Bud- K4ISV