SM2DMU / (7S2E in contests)

StackMatches, StackMasters, SixPaks, BPF-6, SO2R and custom RF switching.

Rainer Martinsson has a huge custom switching system we constructed for him to manage these wonderful antennas. He also has an SO2R and other Array Solutions toys like the BPF-6, 6 band W3NQN bandpass filters.


Hi Jay,

Regarding the array for 28 MHz - it is all gamma matched as are all other Yagi antennas.

The 4-el or 3.5 MHz will however have a split element as driver.
I have not checked the echoes of the moon with the 28 MHz - I have not even thought about it, guess I am too much a 

HF guy for that. I will check later and see if it is possible to hear them and let you know.

The antennas are stacked 2 + 2 using the mini stack matches I bought from you last year. The 3 lines are fed into a 

Stack Master to enable 7 switching combination.

The result so far is astonishing and I have had a lot of fun with it during the 6 months it has been working.

You might recall that you mailed me for more info on co-writing an article for CQ Contest last year and I said the 

installation would be finished this summer and that I would get back to you. I have now made some future WEB pages 

I will release this autumn - in this text there is plenty of info for an article.

By the way the BPF's that HAWK SM5AQD picked up for me in England is working great as well!

Please go ahead with the Stack Master for 7MHz (with N-connectors) and I will check the Dayton travelers on this 

side and mail you info.

 SM2DMU / (7S2E in contests)